Welcome to Polly’s Pad – I’ll put the kettle on…

Hey Hey! How did you find me? The vlog? A tweet? Maybe Google’s crazy algorithm or a twist of fate? Whatever the reason, please feel free to have a wander around, have a nose at the blog and make yourself at home while I tell you a tale…

As of March 2017 I have technically*completed my 40 x 40 style bucket list, so I have now decided to launch a new project. I am in the process of ‘refocusing my life’
But what does that mean? What is this website actually about?


Let me just give you a very quick synopsis of me: I am slowly, but steadily getting over my Mid-life Crisis by way of a Bucket List and a dream – the dream is to teach English in Japan, but that can’t happen just yet, what with a mortgage and school age kids, so for now I am filling my time by sorting out my life, developing a few new skills and ticking items off the aforementioned Bucket List. (One of my skills is over using snapchat filters)

The Plan
If you have seen the title page you will have noticed that there are five drop downs, so let’s break them down:

DELIBERATION AND DEBATE which is posh speak for the blog …and it begins with D (all will become clear!)

Regarding Polly – the home page and bits that are basically me talking about ‘me’ stuff – so not really blog worthy, but may give an insight into where this journey is going.

Everything must change – This is where I will store the articles I write on my way to decluttering my house, my head and my life. Also finally getting that book I am writing finished.

And in the meantime: I can’t put my life on hold for a few years as I save up and wait for my youngest child to finish school, so to keep me busy, focused, and generally out of trouble I have developed a new and ‘improved’(?!?) Bucket List – which is known as the #KettleList, because Bucket suggests, things to do before you ‘kick the bucket’ and that is just far too depressing…and because I am British and all reading should be accompanied with a cuppa… and finally because “Polly put the Kettle on”, of course!

Main Plan: As I have already alluded to, the dream is to live in Japan and teach – so this section will be all things Japan: There will be my sorry language learning attempts, videos from my trip and anything else I feel is relevant.

So have you worked it out? Why I had to give my blog tab a convoluted title?
Let me know in the comments about your plans and what is on your Bucket List, and more importantly why it is on your list. If you haven’t written your list yet, let me recommend this blog post as a great launch pad to getting your list started

*Completed, in the sense that I am now 40, not in the sense that I have completed the list. But to finish the things I haven’t done yet is on the new list, so they will get done … eventually.

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