Welcome to Polly’s Pad – I will go and put the kettle on…

Well hello there! How on Earth did you find me?
Was it through The vlog? or perhaps through A tweet? Maybe it was Google’s crazy algorithm or just a twist of fate? Whatever the reason, please feel free to have a wander around, have a nose at the blog and make yourself at home while I tell you a tale…

I have a somewhat unnatural penchant for lists. That probably explains why I am so in love with my Travellers Note Book    I am, in fact, so infatuated with lists I have decided that this blog – nay, my life !- will be dedicated  to them. It was because of this pledge I started one of my most important lists – the 40 x 40; a list of forty things to do, before I got to forty.

As of March 2017 I technically* completed my 40 x 40 style bucket list, so, going forward, I have now decided to launch a new project, in list form, obviously!  I am in the process of ‘refocusing my life’ and fully embracing the whole ‘Middle Age’ thing. I mean, there is so much still to do out there.
So what do I intend doing? What is this website actually going to be about?


First of all, let me give you a very quick synopsis of me: I am a Mid-life Crisis survivor, fuelled by way of my Bucket Lists, obnoxiously large quantities of caffeine and making my dream come true– that dream is to teach English in Japan. It can’t happen just yet; I currently have a mortgage on a very cluttered house and school age children. But I  am down to the last two now, having successfully levelled up the girls – so for now I am being productive with my time by sorting out my life, developing a few new skills and ticking items off the aforementioned Bucket List. (One of my skills is clearly overusing snap chat filters!) I have a whole list of things I need to get in place.

If you have seen the menu above, you will have noticed that there are six drop downs, so let’s break them down:

DELIBERATION AND DEBATE which is posh speak for the blog, and, more importantly, it begins with D (all will become clear!)

REGARDING POLLY – these are the ‘Polly Specific’ posts,; my weekly ‘Ponderings’, and it will also be where I am going to keep all of the links to decluttering my house, my head and my life.  Basically anything about general ‘Life’ – so stuff about money saving, house plants or what I want my new bathroom to look like, will be found here. Basically, what the blogging community call ‘Life Style’!

EVERY DAY IS A SCHOOL DAY – Long term this is where I will put all of the links to all things ‘Learny’ – Totally a word! I will also be adding all of the teaching materials and craft ideas I am developing, which I will not only be able to use in my Girl Guide unit, but also with my potential class when I get to Japan. Hopefully  I may even get to stick my book here too, when I finally finish it.

ALL THINGS BUCKET LIST –I can’t put my life on hold for a few years as I save up and wait for my youngest child to finish school (it’s July 2022, not that I am counting or anything**) so to keep me busy, focused, and generally out of trouble I have developed a new and ‘improved’ Bucket List – which is known as the KettleList, because Bucket suggests, things to do before you ‘kick the bucket’ and that is just far too depressing…and because I am British and all reading should be accompanied with a cuppa, and finally because “Polly put the Kettle on”, of course!

And because I don’t have enough to do, there will be occasional, seasonal additions to the list, so keep an eye out for those.

MAIN PLAN –As I have already alluded to, one of the items on my new Kettle List is to train as a teacher and to then live and work in Japan. Therefore this drop down will have a few sections.
One will have all things Japan in it; Like the videos from my trip and anything else I feel is relevant, like my origami quest

STUFF – The first thing you will find is a pretty cool picture of Bath, then I have added any of my collaborations, and awards I have been nominated for (apparently there are quite a few kicking about on Twitter) The plan was to make it a site list, but I have written so many pages, it will take too long, so you are just going to have to have an explore of the site and see what you can find.

Have you worked it out? Why I had to give my blog tab a convoluted title?
Got to love an acronym!

So that is a just a small introduction to what will be going on here at Polly’s Pad.
Let me know about your plans and dreams for the future – I am incredibly nosy, and I like knowing things!
Why not tell me what is on your Bucket List, and more importantly why it is on your list? If you haven’t written your list yet, let me recommend this blog post as a great launch pad to getting your list started

*Completed, in the sense that I am now 40, not in the sense that I have completed the list. But to finish the things I haven’t done yet is on the new list, so they will get done … eventually.

** There is literally a countdown timer on the site…shhh, my kids haven’t worked out what it is for yet!

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Kettle on!

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