#1 :Sort out “Polly Put the Kettle on” – and all that involves!

29th September 2018:

What a difference four months make!  Over the last few weeks I have been spending more time on both my social media engagement and on creating better content for the blog.

This has resulted in:

Youtube –      36  –Again, still pretty sure 4 of those are my mum!

Twitter –      551 – I have seen such an upturn in my Twitter fortunes! I put this down to just liking and sharing more content and being better engaged with other bloggers on the site.  I have also signed up for a Bloggers Secret Santa, so that should be fun.

Instagram –  245 – Need to be more consistent with this – at least one picture a day – and use it to promote the blog.

There have also been a range of new blog posts. I have joined a site called ‘Blog lovin’ that enables people to follow me AND I am up to 28 followers on the blog.  Currently, I am working on Blogtober content; a post a day for a whole month, which is actually going to be harder than I thought as I am spending quite a while researching and writing posts, so I must start focussing more on the task at hand instead of trying to do 3 or 4 jobs at once.  Single tasking is the new multi tasking!

28th May 2018:

Update time again, I have been woefully neglecting this site, especially since starting my full-time grown-up job, and I really need to start making a slot in my schedule so that I can at least write on here weekly, or at least get articles I have written out of my notepad and onto this site.  I also need to make sure I am updating the #kettlelist  as and when I do things.

First a social media update:

Youtube –      32  ( Still pretty sure 4 of those are my mum!)

Twitter –       330 – need to be more engaged with the whole Twitter thing.

Instagram –  196 – this fluctuates with those dodgy people after followers,

I have got a few trips planned, along with house plans that I can write about so I need to sort myself out and not leave it too long between updates!

Mug shot!

15th September 2017:

Oh Wow, all change! Not only have I upped my ‘Social Media’ game;I currently have a whole 200 Twitter followers (which is not THAT impressive, but I only had 70 at the beginning of the year, so this is progress!), but I have also discovered Canva so my thumbnails have improved no end!
Unfortunately I am going to have to learn how to use an entire new video editor, because  Youtube, in their wisdom, have decided to kill Youtube editor, which was wonderfully simple and idiot proof.  All the editors I am currently trying seem a bit too high tec, so I am not sure how the channel will fare after this weeks vlog…
How too, am I going to measure this task?  When will I know if #PPTKO is ‘sorted’.  I should perhaps come up with some arbitrary numbers and say I need this many subs.  Might be a laugh to list current ones and see what I have in, say, 4 months?

Let’s do it!

Youtube –      26  (I know! I’m pretty sure 4 of those are me, my mum and the kids too!)

Twitter –       210 – although I’m pretty sure 5 are those only joined today, and some are those dodgy ” follow me for followers”, so they don’t count.

Instagram –  152 – again, this fluctuates with those dodgy people after followers,


So I will have a go at increasing these, which does, of course, require me producing, or at bare minimum sharing, some quality content.


10th March 2017:

Well, you’re here, so that’s a start in and of itself.  I have also updated the Youtube channel’s ‘Secret K-pop playlist‘ – which I intend to keep up as I have finally found some ‘Soul Company bangers’ that I had been unable to locate as I couldn’t type in Hangul.

I have also – as of today – created my new intro…not as arty and polished as I envisioned, I’m going to be honest, but I will no doubt be updating it as I get better at this whole Youtube thing.  The list is starting to fill out nicely, although I have left space for the inevitable cool stuff that will come about that I won’t have even thought of at the moment.  All that is left to do now is sort out my first video, link that, and I will be well on the way to getting the Polly Party started…now whether I manage to keep it up for a whole ten years is another matter…