#13 : Visit 6 out of 7 continents – Sorry Penguins!

Oh the places, I would really like to go…

I have – technically – done half of this one.  If I wanted to be a purist, I suppose I should really only count places I have visited after March 2017 ( i.e. when I started the Kettle List), but travel is expensive, and I might not get to go to all of them again… although thinking about it, I have visited Japan (April 2017), I want to visit 5 European Capitals anyway ( Update: we visited Berlin in March 2018)  and would like to go to New York… So this would re-tick all of those continents I have visited anyway…

6 out of 7 continents canva header

Depending on who you ask there are 5, 7, or 8 continents for the purpose of this kettle list challenge, we are going with 7 and we are going to all agree that £15K for a boat trip to Antarctica is excessive and will probably not be happening!


Well, I live there, for now, so this one is a bit of a cheat,but for argument’s sake let’s say  I mean ‘Mainland Europe’ – in which case I have visited :

Image result for map of Europe royalty free

Czech Republic
Germany – March 2018 so the one that counts for this challenge.
United Kingdom (Free one there – and technically: England, Scotland & Wales)



North America:

Dominican Republic



Still to visit….


South America – Ethan really wants to visit Costa Rica, but is that central America? What continent does that belong to? If not I am willing to go to Peru to get this one ticked off.
Africa – I have a safari, Moroccan markets AND Egypt on my list
Australia or New Zealand – Maybe once I live in Japan I will be that bit closer?