#2 Finish 40 x 40

40x40 list header

What I was doing before the Kettle List…

Before this blog was even thought of, I had a different list; a list of things to do before I hit 40. While I tried hard (ish) to complete it, there are still plenty of things to do, which is why finishing it off now appears on the Kettle List.

So what was on the list? Well the easiest – albeit longest – way to find out is to go look at the 60+ videos on my 40×40 playlist on my Pollyplaits Youtube channel. If you just haven’t got the requisite 10 hours, or indeed value your sanity, then I will give you a quick run down.

These things are the ones that got done:

#1 Get a Tattoo
#2 Find 40 Geocaches
#3 Gain a Degree
#4 See a Music Concert
#5 See a Comedy show – no video, but I have a very bad photo of Tim Vine!
#6 Learn Japanese *
#8 Make a Quilt
# 10 Save £3,000 for Trip
#12 Book Trip to Japan
#13 Train, Boat, Plane – No video – must find some pictures though…
#14 Drive a Car
#18 Weekend in Europe
#19 Do a Charity Run
#24 Cook a 3-course Meal
# 25 Hold a Spider – this happened once, unintentionally!
#26 Locked room Escape Adventure
#27 Indoor Skydiving
#28 Give Away 2016 things
#31 Posh Afternoon Tea
# 34 40 Years of Movies (Part 1) (Part 2)
# 35 Eat Baked Beans
#36 Own a Pair of Jeans – only photos, and I looked like Link Neal in drag! Trousers are not for me!
#37 Bake a Cake
#38 Dance to K-Pop in a nightclub – Korean night at Pop World!!!!
#39 Do an online family Tree.
#40 Sort out New Channel/List

To Do:
#7 Crochet a Top working on this now
#9 Lose a Stone ~
#11 Visit every Ceremonial County – there are 48, I have done about 8.
#15 Waist Deep in Sea
(Attempt one) (Attempt two)
#17 Spa Day
#20 Day/Night out with Luke
#21 Complete Smashbook
#22 Sew a Dress
#23 Attend a “Big Conference”
#29 Whole Family to a Theme Park
#30 Try a Zip-line
# 32 365 Pictures – Work in progress.
#33 Cycle To Bath

So, got more than half done (Yay me!), and many of the ones that weren’t done were due to cash flow/ time management reasons, which means I now have more time to save up and get them done… although I will be ticking a few counties off this year so should get some of #11 done. As I complete them, I will blog, add extra videos and slowly move them over until they are all on the top part of the list.

*Ongoing! ~Technically did, but back up in weight again!