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5 Tips to help you save up for your dream trip

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Lots of Bucket Lists contain travel…

… And as such, you may be required to do a bit of saving if you want to start getting some of those challenges ticked off

One of my earliest challenges on my original 40×40 list  (#10 in fact) was to save up £3,000 for my trip to Japan. I, obviously, managed to achieve this; I visited Japan in April 2017 and haven’t stopped obsessing about going back to the place since.  I am currently in the process of saving up for my younger daughter’s 18th Birthday trip to L.A, and many of these tips have come into play as I try and put as much money away as I can so that Hannah will get to see the Hollywood sign, walk along Santa Monica Beach and eat her entire body weight in various naughty foodstuffs she is currently making a list off.

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5 things to consider when you write yourself a ‘Bucket List’


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The new ‘Bucket List’

Now that I am in my forties, (which according to the wisdom of the internet is not middle aged,) my previous 40 x 40 Bucket List, as in ‘forty things to do before turning forty, is now out-of-date. That is not to be confused with completed, I am still working on that list, and you can find out all about it in the link above, or by checking out the menu. What is does mean though, is that I now need a new list… A Kettle List.

A rename seems appropriate, so as not to confuse it with the 40 x 40, and also because this isn’t really a true Bucket List; these are things to complete before I am 50, not before I die at 92 of extreme partying.

So, what’s the deal with this new list? And why do I think you should write yourself one too? Well I will tell you.

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