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#Project333 Update – What I will change

Sticking to the capsule has been easy – It’s not like I had lot of choice; the rest of my clothes are packed away! What I have had trouble with is remembering to note down what I am wearing on the nerd sheet and taking photos of the outfits.  There are, however enough notes for me to have worked out a few changes I plan on making to next months capsule (which is totally in the rules I have just made up).  So here is what I have been getting up to this month, what I have learned and what changes I plan on making.



How has it been going?

In both my previous post about #Project333 / #PPTKOMins  and in my article “Clothes? To Capsule, or to Kon Mari?” I mention something quite important; Limiting your clothes choices is not ideal for everyone.  Just because you want to be a minimalist it doesn’t mean you need to get rid of clothes you like and wear just to fit an arbitrary model.

That said, I have jumped into the whole “Less is More” idea with gusto.  It has certainly made getting ready in the morning quicker.  There are, of course, a few issues that have come up in my first month of trying out the project, and my nerd sheet – even when I have failed to complete it- has pointed out some glaring mistakes I have made with my choices.


My Choices: 

Let me introduce you to the items that made it into the experiment – First up, I have finally built my Ikea rail so I have now been able to hang all of the clothes together and look at them in an oddly satisfying way…

Building myself an Ikea rail…
1614078C-F27E-4EFA-880B-ADC93023620B (1)
They work together! Honestly!

And this is my nerd sheet: (A blank copy, obviously!)


The idea being: I add a date into the squares to indicate what I have worn on any given day.  What has been highlighted by the sheet is that I over rely on certain clothes, have not even worn others, and that I am now totally unprepared for a special event that will mean I may need to borrow an outfit from someone else!*

So let’s go over my choices:


Clothes Rail #333
Note the expertly made rail…

Tops and Layers:
1) My navy vest (disclaimer: I actually have two of the same vest, mainly because I wear it under literally everything. Have made  ‘November Decision’ based around that fact.
2) Pinky/Peach chiffon blouse – which needs to be worn over things. (Namely navy vests!)
3) Peach stripe blouse – which I haven’t worn much, but is fact one of my favorites.
4) Blue bunnie blouse – love this one! A newish addition, and rather large, but the most patterned thing in my wardrobe.
5) V neck navy/white striped top- not worn this much either, maybe because it is folded and away in my clothes box rather than hung up?
6) Peach slouch jumper- it’s got a Japanese vibe, so a bit casual, but goes great with all of my bottom choices.
7) Light blue/white slash neck long sleeve top – again another favourite that goes with everything.
8) Brown/White stripe top – worn once, in the wash currently and not missing it, don’t think it will make its way into the November list.
9) Red (ish?) /White striped jumper – Love, love love! But possibly over wearing…
10) Peach Fitted V Neck – it has been unseasonably warm this October, but I have worn this, and will wear it more in November.
11) Blue V neck – thought I would wear this more, but haven’t…still debating…
12) Blue cardi – yep, def keeping, wear with EVERYTHING!
13) Paris Cardi- one ‘wear’ in and I knew this was going, gets dirty far too easily.
14) Blue chunky (oh-er) – wearing as I type, fantastic buy!
Bottoms and Dresses
15) Denim Culottes – Staple casual wear – keeping forever.
16) Beige Culottes – Slightly posher, again keeping.
17) Navy Leggings – only wear under things, see below!
18) Denim Shorts – under stuff, again, see below.
19) Jeans – getting the hang of this ‘jean’ thing.  Will be keeping.
20) Shiny pleated skirt – one of my best charity shop buys ever.
21) Peach net – only worn under dresses
22) Mustard Cord – worn, but a bit short and casual.
23)Grad blue – possibly not suitable for winter, but will be back for next year
24) Boden brown – worn lots
25) Navy prom – love this dress, and it has pockets.
26) Navy Benetton – only worn once.
27) Peach/Blue – only worn once.

28) Brown boots
29) Baseball boots
30) Posh shoes
31) Scarf
32)Maroon duffle coat
33) Grey cap/shawl thing.


So, what have I learned?

First of all, I have learned that I am guilty of over wearing some of my wardrobe items. This isn’t necessarily a problem, this is a capsule wardrobe after all, with the aim being to manage with less. However, I don’t want to only be wearing 3 items all week -people will talk! The main culprits are my jeans and red top, but my over reliance on my blue cardi and vests are also posing a problem.  It is actually quite an unusual turn of events – as this time last year I did not even own jeans- it still freaks my Mum out when I have them on, it is such a novelty to see me in any kind of trousers.  It is easy to see why people practically live in their jeans; they’re very easy to wear.  Almost TOO easy… to the extent that, as I discussed with a fellow minimalist on Instagram, my wardrobe was veering towards the too casual, possibly frumpy and definitely over stripey.

While ‘overwearing’ has been an issue for some items, ‘barely wearing at all’ has been the case for some of the other pieces. These fall into two camps:  items that should have been listed as underwear, and items that will not be making it to the November edition of #Project333 / #PPTKOMins.  My denim shorts, navy leggings and peach net skirt will remain as underwear, as they are never worn separately.  Meanwhile, my peach dress, my blue v neck jumper and Paris cardi will have to go – they are just not pulling their weight in the capsule!  This means I will be taking 8 pieces out the wardrobe as it is (I’m also counting the vests as underwear, they are too revealing to be worn apart from under things and the brown short sleeve top is going too)

So I get new pieces!
Choices have already been made…

I have a new stripey dress (I know! More stripes!)
A pink blouse (I’m thinking smart for work? Hopefully!)
Swapping in my denim skirt (casual, I know, I know…)

That leaves five more:  I’ll need a short sleeve top, another cardi, maybe more trousers and then… two more tops? Will have a look and see what I need.


TL:DR – Capsule conclusions after the first month…

What so you mean you haven’t read it! How rude! 😉
After one month of trying a limited wardrobe, I am finding very few problems.  Are there extra items I would like to add? Possibly, but conversely there are ones I could have easily lived without.  Possibly 33 items will not be the number of items I end up with, but for now –  all is well in the sartorial world of Polly … now to go find my new pieces for this month.




* Crisis averted – just wore my navy prom dress – is there nothing that dress cannot do! It even has pockets!




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