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Make your Bucket List Challenges even better…

My children have all left primary school now, in fact the girls have left school entirely, but I remember the days when I used to go to old school parent evenings (pun unintended, but smugly amusing so I am keeping it). This would involve the teacher presenting me with my son’s drawer, full of his exercise books, half drawn pictures and chewed pen lids and I would be invited to look through their work while waiting for my turn to talk about how things were going. I would be confused by the code that the teacher had written in their books, but it turns out that one of the acronyms is very transferable to non-academic life.

Even Better IfIt is EBI… Even Better If…

We so often complete a job, or a task and then rest on our laurels, but what if we took a page from the ‘teacher speak’ book and tried to go one step further? What if we went that extra bit to add some more value to what we were doing? Could our lives be ‘even better if’?

There were a number of challenges on my original 40 x 40 bucket list that involved me trying new things, learning new skills and engaging in some basic ‘life maintenance’ (that is posh for weight loss; I needed to lose some weight)

Things like : drive a car, or go into the sea up to my waist ( this sounds lame but I am terrified of being in the sea), learn a language and lose a stone ( that’s 14 lb, or 6.3 KG in new money)

Imagine if I had applied EBI logic to any of these challenges?

Drive a car –Even Better If… I learn to drive and get a driving licence*

Stand in the sea up to my waist – Even Better If … I conquer my fear of the sea once and for all and go for a full on swim!

Learn Japanese – Even Better If… I practice daily so that I can take an exam and be ‘officially’ proficient.*

Lose a stone – Even Better If…I look at my lifestyle, diet and health and make permanent positive changes.

You get the general idea. Without even realising it at the time I had actually already done this with one of the tasks on my list. I had challenged myself to make a YouTube video, and now 2+ years later I am still putting a vlog out every Monday – even, in some cases, under some very trying circumstances – so it is a mantra that can be applied to pretty much every aspect of your life.

What I would like you to take away from this is this:  I would love for you to go over your own Bucket Lists and see if there are any possible upgrades that could be made to give yourself an extra challenge, and if you haven’t started on that list yet, check out my post on what you need to consider when you are writing one.

* These actually appear on the new & improved list 



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