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Forever Summer – Why a house of plants can keep your home happy

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House of Plants
Everyone seems to love autumnworking on a few Hygge themed posts myself, but I am still eking out the last few days of the summer season (even if it is blowing a gale outside). Warm weather being such a rarity in England, and with us having had such a great year of sun this year, it seems a shame to prematurely herald the fall and start on the pumpkin lattes as soon as September begins.There is a part of our house that is forever summer… and it centered, mainly, around the top of my crockery cabinet in the kitchen.

These are a few of my plants; let me introduce you to my personal Urban Jungle and give you some reasons why you should think about getting one too.


Creating your own house of plants:

You have considered getting a few houseplants; they are a great interior design staple after all, but what is the point? There is all that watering and…well that is about all the care they need really if you buy the right plants, but it does seem like a bit of an effort.  What is in it for you if you create a green haven in your living space?

They purify the air in your home:

Do you breathe? You know, take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide?
Same! Me too!
And you know that plants do the opposite right? So having them in the house has to have some kind of air filtering benefits.
(Well, technically, they photosynthesise and to be fair, they also steal oxygen at night, which is why you should only have succulents or bromeliads in a bedroom, because they don’t do this).

Annie the Pineapple
The pineapple is a bromeliad, one of the plants that give out oxygen during the night, rather than absorb it.

This is Annie – Who doesn’t want a pineapple growing in their bedroom!

According to research done by NASA, indoor plants can remove almost 90% of the volatile organic toxins in the air during a 24-hour period.  There are substances present in the average home: in your plastic products, in the paint on the walls, even in your books and paperwork, that could be drawn and trapped into the soil of your houseplants.  Many people have homes that are double-glazed, and as the weather gets colder, we tend to open up the windows less. We create an almost hermetically sealed environment for these pollutants to build up in, so by introducing a bit of greenery into your living space you are mitigating these nasties in the air.  The NASA research even suggests the best indoor plants to have if you want to remove airborne toxins. You could get a spider plant, a Peace lily or bamboo palms, like the ones below right.

Timmy and Tilly the bamboo palms

All of them were inexpensive; my pineapple plant came from Ikea and cost £7, while the bamboo palms were from Wilkos and cost around £3 each ( I have 2 in one pot). The recommendation from NASA is that just one potted plant is required for every 10 square metres of space, so you could soon be creating a fresh air feeling in your own home, for very little cost.

They help increase humidity and boost your health:

Plants are basically like green, well behaved, little people. They sit still and do as they are told, they breathe, they drink, and they tend to ignore me when I talk to them… perhaps not that well behaved then, but you get the idea.  Plants also release water vapour into the air as part of the transpiration process. When watered, they soak it up into their roots, and then the moisture circulates around their systems like a blood supply. Once the water gets to their leaves, it evaporates, increasing the humidity in the room. 10 percent of all the moisture in the air outside comes from plants,  and you will need to have a number of plants to effect a change in the humidity in your home, but studies have claimed that doing so can help decrease colds, dry coughs and sore throats, as well as helping with dry skin.  Another study carried out in Holland claims that office sickness fell by 60% in workplaces that had plants, with a decrease in colds and headaches.

They help you to focus and work better:

It is believed that by having plants in your home, you are going to see an improvement in your concentration, your productivity and your memory; Just by carrying out your tasks or studying around plants, you can produce more.  Apparently, nature has an amazing psychological impact on us, and it increases our accuracy and the quality of our work.  Studies on both office workers and students saw a rise in knowledge retention in a plant filled environment over an empty one; being among greenery is relaxing, and this translates into a feeling of wellbeing that helps people work not just harder, but smarter.

Plants, when used in large enough numbers, are even able to help reduce background noise; They are able to refract sound that would otherwise bounce off walls.  Have you ever noticed how empty rooms tend to echo?  If you place plants against the walls this can lessen the effect, creating a more homely environment.

They are aesthetic as 

Type ‘interior design’ into a search engine and go to the images.  How many of those rooms have plants in?  Most of them? Greenery in your home is so now! It really brings a room together and is a cheap ( and removable) way of decorating a rented place or bedroom.  As a consequence, it can make your Instagram photos looking banging; it justs adds an extra something.

plant 1

I love me a bit of social media; I have a Pinterest account, I am all about twitter and have an unhealthy obsession with Hashtags. If you are any good at taking photos, and happen to have a few good looking houseplants you will never be short of aesthetic shots for your followers.plant 2

Just be sure to incorporate the right tags:

#plantlife #plantlover #natureinthehome #urbanjungle #houseplantsofinstragram
#houseplant #livingwithplants #green #plants #indoorjungle #instanature


Now  you can be a spark of summer sunshine among all the golden leaves and candle pictures that are about to litter the Gram!


plant 3

Do you have house plants? Do you think you are feeling any health benefits?

Let me know below.



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