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Blogtober Collaboration – Halloween with Lavrax

I always thought that being a mid-life crisis survivor, wannabe minimalist who dreamed of living in Japan would really limit my readership, but I have been pleasantly surprised by all the love I have been getting in the bloggosphere (totally a word!) lately. I was also surprised when this lovely person agreed to collaborate with me for a Halloween themed post swap. And here is her post for you!…This calls for a new Canva!

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With the rising popularity of minimalism and “millennial going minimal” this barely leaves any space for our urges to splash out on those terribly built plastic skeletons with absolutely no use. But why do they exist? And why do people keep buying them? Because we gotta!

There are varying degrees of minimalism, from extreme, to mild, to just “trying to declutter my life”.
But what is “minimalism”, really?

A style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme sparseness and simplicity.

It is a style that is now being applied to people’s lives. But even so… The vagueness leaves it open for interpretation. The simplicity of some may be an absolute cluttering mess to others.
Just for reference, my own definition of a minimalist lifestyle, and the one that this post will follow is:

A lifestyle that allows you to only preserve items or things that are of value to you.

So forget all those “I use one soap to wash my face, body, hair, house, car, and dog. Shame on you” people, and focus on having things that are useful to you and make you feel good!
Well, let me tell you, shopping for minimalist Halloween decorations was not any easier than finding a solid definition for it. But I realised after a while, you can make Halloween decorations out of almost anything.


If you’re lucky enough to have some nature around you (definitely not here in London) make use of it! This will cost you (almost) nothing, depending on how wild you want to go!
Take all the pumpkins, leaves, twigs, and get crafty! Put them up all over your house and bring the feel of Autumn into your home.


I can definitely tell that Halloween decorations were not made with a minimalist lifestyle in mind… But if you’re like me and you quite like having the spooky all year round, these are definitely some spooky things that you can invest in!

I found some home ware stuff that I thought would be perfect in keeping with the minimalist aesthetic as well as having multipurpose, or just genuine use! I found all of these accessories at TKmaxx!

The idea also struck that a lot of people use mason jars to decorate at christmas, so why not make a spooky themed one?


Let’s not forget about everyone’s favourite thing. Food!
I looked at the amount of Halloween sweets that there were on display in nearly all the shops. These are a such a great decoration especially if you’re having people over. Why not invest in the multipurpose-ness of food; something to make your place look pretty and homely, that you and your guests can eat, as well as making them spooky?

You can arrange orange and black sweets together to make them themed, or even make these in the shape of spooky things! Just take a look at those Halloween cookies…
Also let’s not forget the Halloween essentials! Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins. These are the ultimate Halloween decoration to use and have the best use for after Halloween. Pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin everything! You are spoilt for choice if you’re looking for a pumpkin recipe.

Thank you so much to Polly for collaborating with me on this post and I hope that you enjoyed all of the ideas that we have put together for you!

Much love,



Instagram: @lavraxblogs

Twitter: @lavraxb

And if you would like to have a read of my Halloween post on Laura’s Website, go have a look here


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