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Polly’s Pondering’s – People Pleasing; A Writers self reflection.

Polly’s pondering’s are very quick posts (that I can type into the WordPress App during my lunch break!) It is just me chatting about something that I have ‘pondered’ today and speedily typed up while munching on my bread-sticks and hummus. Consider it a take on modern miscellany with an older person’s perspective. This week’s pondering?

A reflection on my Blogging and people pleasing.
My attempts at Blogtober have made something very clear to me – I cannot produce a blog post every day… and that is fine!

I have always been more of an ideas and encouragement kind of girl rather than a hustle and grind sort; given the option I will always keep my head down rather than be a ‘go out and elbow the competition, winner takes it all’ kind of person. In fact, I have been accused of being obnoxiously polite, so polite that it often appears disingenuous. It is not part of an end game, I am genuinely just trying to avoid an argument by being nice to everyone, whether they deserve it or not – and I have met plenty of people who don’t deserve it, in real life and online. This comes from being highly conflict adverse – I often see posts that require such chastisement for their wrongness I am almost moved to comment…but then I step back and think that perhaps the writer isn’t an actual dick, but is perhaps just having a bad day and I will just compound the situation; least said, soonest mended, and I decide to not get involved. So I content myself with an eye-rolling and a tut, and get on with things.
This doesn’t always work, as there is a wafer-thin line between overt politeness and sarcasm, and readers on the internet are not particularly discerning when it comes to someone seemingly ‘dissing’ their passion – be it politics or Pokemon: My statement that I only know the original 151 Pokemon as I haven’t been involved since the early 2000’s when my Game-boy died can either be taken at face value, or as me totally being a Hipster, who thinks they are better than anyone else and ‘why am I bashing anyone who prefers the ‘new’ incarnation, you total hater’…It’s an anime pal, and I am just stating a fact, chill out! My only knowing the original series does not impact you or your love for captured creatures in any way.
Crazy ass keyboard vigilantes aside, I fully appreciate how this could be considered a terrible way to live by some; to be suppressing my thoughts and feelings to an extent that it has restricted my commenting and calling out BS where I see it. But these words from one of my favourite Instagramers Tiny Buddha say it all.


And my solution? I literally don’t have one. I am not going to sit here and lie and say that from now I am going to be bold and ‘say it as I see it’ – If anything, I am proud of my being considered a pleasant and polite sort, and it will certainly help me fit in when I eventually move to Japan. If my overt politeness seems unbelievable to some that is down to how they have chosen to interpret what I have written rather then what I have actually conveyed, and certainly says more about how they think than it does about what I have said. I haven’t got time to argue with people I don’t know, and who ultimately aren’t going to be important in my life. Like tiny Buddha says ‘I am going where the love is’ – and you are welcome to join me.



Mature (technically) graduate, vlogger, blogger, dreaming of travelling, mum of 4, K-pop addict, Japanese culture fan, and wannabe minimalist. And that is what this is all about... I am clearing, decluttering and "minimalising" with the long term aim of travelling and completing the adventures on my #kettlelist (Bucket list seems a bit final!) Come visit me on twitter and instagram @Pollyplaits , or on Youtube for my Polly put the kettle on (#PPTKO) weekly vlog that is DEFINITELY #NOTa50x50

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