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Polly’s Pondering’s – Create Verses Consume

Polly’s pondering’s are very quick posts (that I can type into the WordPress App during my lunch break!) It is just me chatting about something that I have ‘pondered’ today and speedily typed up while munching on my bread-sticks and hummus. Consider it a take on modern miscellany with an older person’s perspective. This week’s pondering? How am I spending my time? Am I creating or consuming?


I literally just had a mini heart attack.

The bullet point notes I had written for today’s pondering have not saved and now I have had to create a whole new idea, on the fly. Which, luckily has given me an idea…

Have you ever considered your Create to Consume ratio? I am sure it is a thing, and some smartie somewhere will have made a calculator, that I now don’t have time to look it up and research, but it does raise an interesting point. Has Google made us less creative? Instead of figuring things out for ourselves, we turn to the Internet to look for other people who have laid a path, as it were, and use their ideas.

I am very conscious of this, as I always used to be incredibly creative; give me some tissue paper, a toilet roll and some glitter and I was away! I am now more likely to type the ‘ingredients’ in a search engine and see what it suggests. The access to everyone else’s ideas has made me lazy and complacent; I don’t need to create when I can consume.

In fact, I didn’t even create this concept; The Minimalists mention it on their website. That doesn’t mean, however, that I can’t work with it, I just need to add value, so let’s look at how we currently do things, make a list of things we consume and how we can change our ratio.

On an average day I go on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and my blog. I read, I cook, I go to work, and I interact with my family (grunts from them in reply count as interaction).

In each of these areas – with perhaps the exception of my blog, and the gutteral utterances of my teenagers- I am mainly receiving information; liking the work of others, commenting on others creativity, sharing other people’s posts, pictures and pins.

When do I create? How can I counteract the balance?

Now that I am conscious of it, I am making more of an effort, so here are some suggestions to help you find a happy medium.


Instead of just flicking through, or writing inane ‘great pic’ comments on people’s shots, craft a reply that will add value to the post. Remember to create decent images of your own. You do not have to be an amazing photographer, those filters work magic! Try out different styles, experiment and see what seems to be resonating with people.


There is an unofficial rule regarding twitter that you should retweet 3 things from other people for every self-written tweet. I can see why this would be useful; not only does it fill you feed and increase your reach, but it shows you to be a caring and helpful member of the Twitter community. I have often seen feeds, that are littered with nonsense one liners that give the impression that the tweeter is just screaming into a void, with very little interaction. Making useful comments on others posts – and then retweeting them is combining the best of create and consume; you are promoting others while providing additional content.


I am quite new to this medium, but have taken to creating pins using my own pictures, as well as pinning the work of others.

Starting up boards that can link to your work, is also a good example of creating over consumption.

Everyday Life

Are you reading the work of others? Or are you writing?

Are you thinking of starting a course?Or could you produce your own?

Are you following a pattern? Or are you making one up for yourself?

No one can be expected to constantly inovate, some ideas are constantly reused because they are one of the best ways of doing things – the wheel is still going strong, for example!

However if you become conscious of the fact that you often turn to others for ideas, be that people, social media or search engines, then consider areas of your life where you can make opportunities to generate new things.

Have a go today, what will you create?



Mature (technically) graduate, vlogger, blogger, dreaming of travelling, mum of 4, K-pop addict, Japanese culture fan, and wannabe minimalist. And that is what this is all about... I am clearing, decluttering and "minimalising" with the long term aim of travelling and completing the adventures on my #kettlelist (Bucket list seems a bit final!) Come visit me on twitter and instagram @Pollyplaits , or on Youtube for my Polly put the kettle on (#PPTKO) weekly vlog that is DEFINITELY #NOTa50x50

10 thoughts on “Polly’s Pondering’s – Create Verses Consume

  1. I definitely agree with this. I’ve gotten much lazier in my creativity since I constantly have internet access. It’s sad but so hard to reverse. It will take focus and attention to try to undo the reflex of just going to Google an answer instead of figuring it out for myself. Good post!

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  2. Like you, I am definitely creative but in the sense that I had to look for inspiration and go to Instagram profiles of creative people, reading other blogs and then eventually creativity starts to rub in. And at some point reading this post made me think that I had been uncreative and sometimes I tend to lose my love for writing. But then again, I always want to to create something that’s not like everyone else’s. Thank you for such an incredible post, Polly! I love this series so much! Xx


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    1. Thank you for that, it is good to know people are enjoying the series.
      This is a subject you could really dig into but I had to sit outside to type it as my phone wasn’t picking up the Internet in the office and I was getting cold!
      This is certainly a topic I will come back to at a later date.


  3. What a great post!! I like to think myself as creative but I’ve noticed like you I tend to google things a lot more!! What an eye opener I think I’ll be much more conscious about what I do and create from now on and try not to google ingredients to things as much as it were xxx

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  4. You are so right! It is hard to be really creative from yourself not just re-creating someone else’s content. I know that when I had to write something for school I didn’t want to read what my friends wrote before I was done, because I couldn’t get it out of my head then. 😛

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