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Blogmas – December 2nd. Making Cards

On the first day of Blogmas, the Advent Tree gave to me… well the kids, crafty bits to make cool cards for Christmas!  And here is what we did yesterday. ( if you missed yesterdays post, it is here)

Dec 2
I have been really impressed with the range of Christmas craft stuff available this year, particularly in the cheaper end shops.  Not only has it been possible to stock up on washi tape, but I have been able to pick up some really cute charms and stick-ons, which will look great on the cards. (We are going to pretend – just for this month – that I am not attempting minimalism, sustainability, or indeed any of the concepts that will run counter to my buying and making tat!)

As I am theming this year; going for Navy, white and Silver with a whole ‘Winter Wonderland’ vibe, I am going to be using these items that I picked up in Poundland (this isn’t a sponsored post, just a huge fan of their work). This is what I have bought:

A pack of 3 blue winter themed washi tapes
A pack of 15 blank cards and envelopes
A pack of sticky craft snowflakes
A pack of mini bunting

(I also bought some gift tabs from Home Bargains for £1, and as the kids wanted to use them too they are included in the crafting inventory)

The kids had a bit of an experiment and agreed to let me put the pictures up as long as I didn’t have them in the photos!





Washi tape is a literal gift from the crafting gods! It makes the process of putting cards together so easy, and as there is less glue involved there is (slightly) less mess.
We are now thinking of making up the rest of the pack as we still have plenty of washi and bunting left – although I may take them to Guides with me on Wednesday and see what the girls come up.

Have you got any craft plans for Christmas? I have bought some more bits and really want to spend an evening or two making things.  Hopefully will get some aesthetically pleasing pictures to share too.

Let me know what you are making for Christmas in the comments below.




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12 thoughts on “Blogmas – December 2nd. Making Cards

  1. My Christmas crafts are reserved for cookie baking and maybe some cakes. I haven’t done any real paper crafts in a long time. I think the last thing I did were Christmas trees origami, that were really cute. Hope you will share some of your crafts with us.

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  2. I absolutely love Christmas crafts, which is why I’m doing 12 crafting posts throughout blogmas! (The other 12 days are baking ideas). I love how simple and easy card making can be, and I have so much fun picking all the different embellishments. I love the idea of using washi tape too. I have soo many rolls!

    Aycan //

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    1. I have a bit of a washi addiction, so it is great to have an excuse to use some up! Will have to get some baking tips from your site as I am shockingly bad at all things food (apart from eating it!)


  3. I used to always make my own cards for all occasions and loved it but I just haven’t had any motivation at all this year for anything. You’ve made me want to have a little look in the range and give it a go again xxx

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