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December 7th – A Christmas Bucket List.

If you have read the Blogmas post for December 3rd  (which you can go back and look at here)  – or indeed watched the vlog ,you will know that I had a bit of a brain wave regarding an item that links to both Blogmas and the supposed theme of my vlog…Bucket Lists.

December 3rd

So the plan was…

I thought I would scour the internet to see what I could come up with regards lists of cool stuff to do in December.  As we are already a week in, I will need to catch up a bit – which is fine as I have already done a few things that appear on some of the lists.

After an explore I discovered Annette’s site : Bucket List Journey and her very impressive Christmas Bucket List  I decided that a pared down version of hers would be perfect.  While the one on Annette’s site has 45 activities, some of them would be quite impossible for me, or they were things I just didn’t really fancy.

Things like –
*Get Your Picture with Santa – I am still considering this.  It will depend on how much I drink at the Christmas party.

*Chop Down Your Own Christmas Tree – not really how it works here. I don’t want Bristol City Council onto me for criminal damage!

*Read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas  – I suppose I could try this, but who would be listening!

*Build a Snowman or Make a Snowman Angel – if the opportunity presents itself I would love to…but it is not likely!

*Roast Chestnuts on an Open Fire – this just won’t work on radiators… and I couldn’t handle the sheer amount of ‘roasting nut’ jokes I would get from my boys…


Polly’s Christmas Bucket List:

I have gone through the rest of the list and picked the top 12 things I intend to do this season.  As you must be aware if you are a regular to my blog, there are very important rules regarding bucket lists (if you haven’t got one, you need to check this post out…. And if you do have one, you need to look at how I upgraded mine)

So a quick reminder of the patented (not really) Polly rules of Bucket Lists:
No pressure, have a few things that challenge you, remember the idea is to have fun and not to be stressed out!

So here they are – in no particular order

  1. Sip on Hot Chocolate by the Fire (electric heater)
  2. Make a Christmas Tune Playlist – this will link in with Christmas Day being a Tuesday – “Tuesday Tunes!”
  3. Watch a Holiday Movie Favourite
  4. Make a Wreath for Your Front Door – I am on this one guys!
  5. Spend an Evening Wrapping Presents – more of a chore than fun, but needs doing nonetheless.
  6. Make Paper Snowflakes – this is going to be my EBI
  7. Go Ice Skating – this is the most challenging one on the list as far as I am concerned!
  8. Dressed Up and Attend a Holiday Party – This is happening tonight! I will get photos and hope I don’t look too drunk in them…
  9. Make Your Christmas List – A Pinterest board counts, right?
  10. Eat a Candy Cane – I am going to go one better and craft with them first…then eat them.
  11. Take a Family Christmas Photo – We always take a last man standing photo on New Years Eve, but I will try and get a group shot on Christmas Day too.
  12. Leave Cookies for Father Christmas – he is also partial to a gin, as I understand it.


The idea now, is that I complete these all by the end of the year, and as I do, I can either write a separate post or add some photos to this page, so keep an eye on the post – especially over the weekend, as I will need to add pictures from my Christmas Work Party… and it is possible that not even a snap-chat filter will be able to salvage some of those shots!


What would be on your Christmas Bucket List?



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