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December 8th – Pound Shop Haul

In a complete contradiction to everything I have previously stated regarding sustainability and minimalism, I do love me a bit of Christmas tat. If you do it cheaply, you don’t mind if it doesn’t last too long either. To this end I have visited the Pound Shop – this is not a sponsored post, I am just a big fan of their work.

8th Dec

My Christmas Aesthetic

I am a girl of limited colour palettes; my capsule wardrobe contains blues, greys and a splash of peachy pink. My living room as also fairly neutral, so this Christmas I fancied blue, silver and white, so I could co-ordinate my clothes. Apparently not all of the shops got the memo, and they are still selling all of the traditional red, green and golds. Luckily, as ever, the Pound Shop has got me.

Less is More
Deck the halls with colour specific and coordinated balls…fa la la la la, fa la la la….

I was pleased to see their tableware range; I was able to pick up paper plates, bowls, serving platters, a cotton runner, table cloth and serviettes. Even managed to sneak in a tea towel. They are navy, white and silvery grey, with a stag motif and the phrase ‘ The most wonderful time of the year’ on them.


Christmas Crafting

I hope to try out a few crafts this season. We have already attempted cards, and I have a wreath and an experimental art piece to try and get done. There are also paper chains to go up. I have therefore bought some pre-cut chains that I will assemble this week, some tissue paper in various blue and silver hues for my ‘project’, led battery powered bell lights to weave into my wreath and some beautiful smelling potpourri, purely because I begrudge paying cash for pine cones that fall off of trees freely, and I can use the silver ones that are in this frankincense pack to go on my wreath. The rest of the pack can sit in one of the many glass bowls I have filled with fairy lights.

Crafty bits for just £1 each

So now I need to get on with my crafting, although it is entirely likely I will force my in house elves ( i.e. the kids!) into helping me out.

What bargains have you bought this holiday? Do you use the same decorations every year or do you like trying out new looks and colour schemes? And what colour are you going with this Christmas? Let me know in the comments.



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