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December 9th -Ugly Jumpers

I am a bit fussy about clothes – I have a minimalist capsule wardrobe to prove it- and, as such, am not a fan of the whole ‘Ugly Christmas Jumper’ craze.  Why invest in a piece of clothes you can only wear for one month?  At least gloves and hats are useful and can be worn all winter …and spring in England…and much of summer to be honest!

While Hannah has a comprehensive Christmas couture Collection – one of the many benefits of volunteering in a charity shop – my seasonal sartorial selection is very limited.  But if I ever find the Navy/Grey/Pink , slightly Nordic, jumper I have in my head, I will buy it.  Until then we have today’s advent present: Gingerbread Ugly Jumpers.

9th Dec

 We are not Bakers

Last year we attempted building a gingerbread house.  It was an unmitigated disaster.  In the end we declared it an art piece that represented modern society, in that it was broken; it had fallen down, and the once white icing looked yellow and as if someone had peed against the crumbling walls of the sorry looking biscuit based hovel.  We actually own special cookie cutters that would enable us to bake and build our own house, which we laughingly decided against.  Aldi sells a pre-made house, complete with the icing to decorate it, but even that seemed beyond our skill set, so to compromise, we used this box.

Christmas Biscuit Decorating
Ignore the ‘dead inside’ eyes – he is actually very happy to be making biscuits… well, he is happy to be eating biscuits…


I am not being uncharitable when I state that icing is probably not my family’s medium.  Ethan chose to use ALL of the sugar stars, while Toby went for a more minimalist look  AKA ‘couldn’t really be bothered and just wanted to eat it’



I am now waiting for Hannah to return from work to redeem the family’s artistic honour… I will hopefully have an improvement on the above to add to this post later this evening.

edit: Han came home and made her biscuit, as her jumper picture was WHOLLY unsuitable for the internet, I made her add a few sprinkles.  Suffice to say, my  assertion that we are indeed NOT bakers has been wholeheartedly confirmed.

Are you a seasonal baker? What are your best makes? Should ugly Christmas jumpers be thrown in a fire and burned to keep us warm this season? Let me know in the comments!



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5 thoughts on “December 9th -Ugly Jumpers

  1. I’ve had a few “ugly” holiday garments in the past – and I usually will wear them around the house long past the holidays. I kind of miss my fuzzy Grinch one actually…

    This year, I have a sweatshirt I picked up from a thrift shop that’s super oversized and cozy, featuring a “Space Invaders” inspired graphic with pixellated 2D red solo cups and mistletoe sprigs.


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