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December 15th – Festive Fashion

Dec 15th

Christmas Clothing

In am supremely aware of the irony of me – of all people- writing an article about fashion. There are plenty of young bloggers out there writing about what you should be wearing this season, and as an advocate of capsule wardrobes I don’t really want to encourage you adding things to your closet that you may probably never wear again. My disdain for Christmas Jumpers is well documented … even if I have been peer pressured into getting involved in the official Christmas jumper day so now own one. So what gives?

Christmas jumper
Polar bears are wintry not Christmassy – I will be wearing this until my March wardrobe swap out!

If that is the case, what can I possibly have to add to the plethora of pieces being currently written about Festive Fashion? Just because I don’t own tons of clothes doesn’t mean I can’t have my own sartorial take on the season. Here are some classic mid-crisis survivor tips for Christmas clothing that have seen me last out many winters…many, many winters.

Never Panic buy

Says the woman who just bought a jumper with a sledging polar bear on it. Sometimes we all just grab the first suitable (or not, as the case may be) thing we come across as we know we are going to have to have something for the works do, or to wear when we visit the family. But wait. Just because you are in a rush doesn’t mean you have to buy something you may regret. Your first port of call is always your current wardrobe. What do you have that you know you look good in? (If the answer is nothing then you have deeper clothing issues than I can cover in this article, I’m afraid).

If you have only a lunch hour, or a few stolen hours away from the kids to go shopping for your Christmas outfit, plan ahead. Decide the style: top and smart trousers, a dress, a skirt and blouse combo, consider the colour you want to go for, and then decide your budget. Be focused in your shopping. If you know what you are looking for a quick five minute glance at the racks can often let you exclude most of the unsuitable items, so you can then pan in on something that may fit your criteria. Only go into shops that you know stock things you like. It is not time to be experimenting with your look if you are in a hurry, you will only regret that bright orange mohair jumper dress you bought in haste because it looked ‘a bit different’. When you are in a hurry you need to stick to tried and tested shapes and styles so you know it will suit you.

Why buy new?

Do you have to buy a new outfit? Are you sure that there isn’t something suitable in your wardrobe already? I have managed to get three wears out of my ‘party dress’ this year – mainly because they were three entirely different events, with no overlap of party goers so no-one was going to notice, which I understand is an important factor and why you aren’t going to wear the perfectly serviceable black dress you currently have hanging in your closet; you wore it last year. But clothes are bought to be wore more than one! One of my pet hates with the tabloids is that they will show a celebrity or a member of the royal family wearing an item for a second time and the piece will be about how the are ‘recycling the dress’ …NO! Wearing your clothes again is not recycling! It is using the clothes for their intended purpose. A bit of cheap and cheerful jewellery or a scarf for a dash of colour, and trust me, no-one will remember what dress you wore to the party last year. ( Unless it was a bright orange, mohair, jumper dress…that will have been saved in everyone’s ‘what not to wear’ memory bank!)

If you want to add to you wardrobe, why does it have to be new? Local charity shops stock an amazing range of clothes at very reasonable prices, and you reduce your odds of bumping into someone in the same outfit down to almost zero! Much of my wardrobe is made up from thrifted items and I have only ever had comments about how nice stuff looked; charity shops have really upped their game and many and to stock only good quality products, so they are always worth considering if you are looking for something a bit different. Maybe one of your friends has an outfit you could borrow for the night; I have never had a swap party as I am considerably wider and a foot shorter than most of my friends, but someone you know has something and they might be willing to lend it to you, short term. Just don’t get red win all over it – that is how friendships are lost!

The main rule of clothes

Always remember the golden rule of any outfit:

Think 10% rag – 90% swag; if you feel confident you can look good in anything.

You will look fabulous whatever you wear this season, so just go out there and boss it!



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  1. Great post Polly. I usually wear something I already own for Christmas parties and own a few Wintery jumpers for Christmas jumper day. They mostly have penguins on them. 😉 Charity shops are a great shot if it’s likely you’ll only wear the item once or once a year.

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