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December 16th – Deck your halls…What is on your tree?

Dec 16th
… with carefully curated and colour coordinated ornaments ..fa la la la la, la la la la…

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas Tree…

As D-day gets closer (D can stand for ‘delivery of presents’ or ‘drunk’, it’s up to you) it’s likely that you either have your tree up, or are preparing to do so. Traditionally trees went up on Christmas eve, and this is something I have done in the past, but I started feeling the Christmas vibe early this year and it has been up for a while now!

If you search online other sites suggest a ’12 days of Christmas’ route where the tree goes up in mid-December – although it also says to take the tree down straight after Christmas, which is a bit early for me; New Year is a National holiday, I’ll do my tidying then.

The British Tree Growers Association – which is totally a thing I haven’t made up – recommends the third week of advent if you are using a real tree.  And remember to keep it watered, as a dried out tree is basically latent kindling sat in the corner of your room.

Whether you go real, plastic, last minute or up since the end of November, the best bit about the tree is the decorations and there are so many options you will be spoilt for choice.


Are you the sort that reuses traditional decorations or do you buy new ones every year so you can have an on trend colour scheme? Do you let the kids help, or are you a bit of a stickler for lay out and know exactly where you want each piece placed? There are as many different ways to decorate a tree as there are people decorating them and with everyone keen to share their work on Instagram and Pinterest you will not be short of inspiration for your own tree decking.


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You can check out my various Christmas Pinterest boards for more ideas – I went a bit extra with seasonal pins so plenty to see!

Polly’s Tree

I think this is the last year for our white tree; it’s more of a yellow now and each year it gets harder to get it back in the box. Now we will have to decide whether we want to take advantage of the sales and buy a cheap one in January and store it for the whole year, or just wait until next Christmas and get one then.

As for this year, I have been unable to find my customary heart decorations – which are no doubt safely stored away in a box somewhere…somewhere so safe I cannot find them!  I was able to find a few things though, and my daughter has been buying lots of baubles in to make wreaths with so I was able to cadge a few spares from her. After layering on the lights (we went battery powered so we can put the tree anywhere, not just in the one corner that has outlets) and then after, the blue tinsel, the decorations went on.  These are a few of the ones that made it onto the tree.


These keep with the heart theme – and a random Arctic fox.  I love heart decorations because they aren’t seasonal and I can hang them throughout the house all year.

Geometric shapes in silver or rose gold are another ornament that can be used throughout the year all over the house. I have only used a select few darker blues on the tree as I don’t want to overwhelm it – and don’t ask about the Star Wars one; it is the only concession I allow ‘Game Boy’ to the tree. May try and subtly move it to the back when no-one is looking…


and, of course, I had to buy this one when it was reduced the other day…

Global Christmas
I am aware of the irony of the globe showing the large swathe of the world that doesn’t necessarily celebrate Christmas…


So what is on your tree? Do you have tried and tested decorations, or are you someone who buys new ones every year? Let me know in the comments.




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