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Polly’s Ponderings – What Christmas means to me.

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The Best Bits about Christmas

Today’s Pondering is a bit late as I have not had a lunchtime – my customary Ponder writing time – as I have been sat in a waiting room at hospital, so have had to wait until I got home so I could write this piece.  As this is the last Ponder before Christmas, I thought I would pick a nice topic and have decided to write about the best things about Christmas and why the best things, aren’t necessarily things.

What people said…

Following our unscientific poll, we discovered that people like the following things about the season:

Lights & Decorations:

Lot’s of people cited the decorations and lights as one of their favourite aspects of Christmas.  Many often took their kids on a walk-about to look at neighbouring houses, or went to lighting ceremonies. Even near me, a lot more people seem to be putting lights up in their windows and gardens. I always wonder why this is the only acceptable time of year to light up the outside of your property.  Indoors is a different story.

I blame You-Tubers myself, but I have noted a year round proliferation of fairy lights invading homes over the last few years.  I am certainly not complaining – I LOVE fairy lights, I have cleared the shelves at Poundland! I have ones that look like bells, stars, hearts…and because they are not overly Christmassy, I have an excuse to keep them up all year. I also make a point of making my tree decorations, by and large, generic and nonseasonal, so I can have them around the house; it is why I love hearts as decor, it means I don’t have to pack everything away at then end of Christmas.  Of course, an alternative is to have decorations that are edible, which solves storage problems…


This was obviously going to make an appearance! We love all of the goodies! The mince pies and puddings, the pigs-in-blankets, the huge dinner and weeks of left over turkey.  Some loved the excuse to indulge without judgement – ‘Go on! Have another; It’s Christmas!’
I have often wondered though why we reserve certain foods to once a year.  If you really enjoy a food why not have it more often than just in December – or maybe it is the scarcity – that makes it a favourite? Sprouts can stick to their once a year appearance though – no-one likes you sprouts!

Presents – Giving and Getting

Despite being someone who has already been both blessed and stung badly by the Secret Santa Game (A packet of iced party rings? Really? They are like 50 pence a packet!) I have enjoyed both giving and receiving presents this year – in fact I have already filmed the  Monday Vlog/Blog link which has me opening the amazing gifts I got from the Blogger Secret Santa (The organiser of the event,Casey, has already put up a post on the whole thing).
I appreciate that for children a big part of Christmas is receiving presents – if you have no income you often have to wait for special occasions to get ‘big’ gifts, like new bikes and phones, but as an “Adult” I don’t expect much.  In fact as an apparently “high maintenance” person (not wanting chocolate and tat as a gift makes me hard to buy for, I have been told), I would rather not be bought things, as I know what I like and would rather get it myself.  I do, however, enjoy buying things for others and I am looking forward to the kids opening their presents, especially the ones I have been able to hide and keep secret – no mean feat in this tiny little house!  I have also managed to get out a secret present to a friend, whose reaction made me warm inside!  I think that is the best bit, making someone happy.

The Christmas Feeling

While many people will say that food or presents are their favourite thing about Christmas, others will claim it is having some time off and being with the people they love. I would go one further than that – not that all of those things aren’t great – especially the food bit; I would suggest that Christmas often brings out the best in people, and that the actual best bit, is that the world is just a bit of a nicer place to be at this time of year.

Maybe it is because people have drunk a bit more than usual, or they are looking forward to receiving something nice (that they may have bought themselves and wrapped up, because that’s how it works in this house), maybe a random act of kindness can rub off  on others, and love and kindness is spread by that means – like a joyful virus – either way, Christmas is more than the sum of its parts and I would call on all of my fellow ponderers to try and find a way to make life in general just that little bit more Christmassy for the people around them, now and all year round.



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