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26th December – My Christmas 2018

Xmas 2018 review

Christmas 2018

We’ve made it to the other side and it’s Boxing Day; It’s like Christmas, with less presents and less stress. Boxing Day was the day, as a child, when you finally got to play with your Christmas presents, and for non-child me, today is no different. After I return from a disappointing walk around the shops, I will sit and read the books I received for Christmas – while eyeing up my tree and wondering if it is too early to take it down. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but once the day passes and as the new year approaches, all I can think of is how much I want to get back to ‘normal’, put all the presents into their new homes and clear away the excess clutter.

My favourite bit about the aftermath of Christmas, is that feeling of extra space when you finally put the tree and all of the extra bits and pieces that are associated with the season away. It’s a bit like that old Yiddish story, where the old man complains about how small his house is and then an old wise woman advises him to bring all of his animals into the home, after a few days of mess, stress and shouting, he is advised to remove them all. He is amazed to discover his house feels bigger and quieter. That is how I will feel when all of my Christmas bits go away.

I attempted the sales but as a wannabe minimalist it was all a bit pointless; the shops were dead and the discounts all but nonexistent, but I have managed to get myself a very nice grey blouse which will play a key role in my new year capsule wardrobe. Just because I am trying to live with less doesn’t mean I have to go without entirely – in fact, I wrote a piece on it last Christmas after the sales.

What went well and what I’ll change up for 2019:


I was very surprised, if not a bit worried, when my husband offered to cook Christmas dinner. He actually did quite well, considering the fact that we don’t own a real oven, any kitchen implements or indeed have any worktop space. We are still working our way through the food I bought for Christmas Eve; I either overestimated our capacity for eating junk nibbles, or underestimated my family’s capacity for laziness when it comes to eating food, when the effort of getting up and moving farther than a few steps is involved. Luckily a lot of it is frozen, so we should okay into the new year – in fact, if having to get up and actually cook the food is involved, it is possible it will still be in the freezer next Christmas!

Next year, I will certainly buy less. The shops are only closed for 1 day, and we certainly aren’t going to starve to death in that time. It is better to go out and replenish than to have loads of food going to waste. Possibly menu planning? Something to consider for next time.


Once again I bought a bit more than was really needed for the kids, as despite my many previous pieces on the subject, I did buy ‘things’ to open. There was certainly a lot less than previous years though, and now that Harri and Han are in a position to buy presents, the pressure is off of me to buy everything. Everyone got their ‘main’ present – which thankfully were easy to get (X-box games for the boys, money for the girls) and relativly cheap. We are also all kitted out for PJ’s for the next year or two, although Paul did point out his disappointment at not receiving a single pair of socks.

I think the box idea, whereby all of the kids gifts were in one big box each and they had to root through and find things went well, although it was pointed out that I was a bit lacking with the whole Advent Tree thing this year. I put this down to being at work all day, and not being as organised as I was last year. I will be more on the ball next year. In fact I already have 10 of the 24 days planned, and have packed away the calendar and advent bags ready.

In terms of what I received: I had both of the books I asked for – which I will no doubt be elaborating on in further posts – My Dream Shoes, a Wellbeing Journal, and a pack from the Craftivist Collective – which will also be getting a post of its own in the new year. There is also a new obnoxiously large bow to add to my collection. If I have to be dragged into middle – age kicking and screaming, I will do so dressed as a five-year-old!

I think the best reaction was certainly from Ethan on meeting his giant sloth which he has named Greg. My mum had also got him a different giant girl sloth, who has been name Satchel and I think a sloth romance may be on the cards!

R.I.P Tree

This is our current tree’s last Christmas, and as such we have bought a new tree in the sale. I will admit to not being particularly amored with it; it is a pre-lit black tree and I worry it may not look as good with my current decorations, my navy tinsel will be totally lost, and my blue and silver decorations, which look great on my white tree, won’t have as striking an impact, but a year is a long time and we will have to wait and see what my living room looks like and where the tree will be if my re-decorating plans come to fruition.

Each of the things in the above mosaic of photos will be making a blogging appearance in 2019 as I work on my new home, new wardrobe, new mindset and new life. I hope you all had a great Christmas, and as Blogmas is technically over I will be taking a break until next week, so that I can get started working on all of those things that I have thus far only written about.



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  1. We haven’t had a proper oven or cooker for years. It’s amazing what you can prepare and eat without such gadgets. I’m looking forward to the big post Christmas tidy up here too. The version I know of that story is A Squash and a Squeeze by the person who wrote The Gruffalo. Going to message you now about craft stuff – January Challenge in fact 🙂 xx

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