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Polly’s Pondering’s – Is change good?

and this week I have pondered…

Why do we fear change?

I broke a three year streak on Monday; for the first time since January 2016, I did not put a Vlog out on my YouTube channel. What’s more is that it was intentional. I almost caved Monday night, and was tempted to just put a short one up – a ‘Polly Filler’ if you will, but I stayed strong. Sometimes you have to break things, to correct them. Like a leg sometimes needs to be re-broken to set it straight, this streak needed to be broken so I could step back and look at where I am going. But where am I going? And do I really want to go there? Is change good, and if so, why do we fear t?

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5 of the Best Musical Intros

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The best musical intros

I love musicals; the Fred Astaire ones from the Thirties, the Technicolor wonders staring Gene Kelly in the Fifties, and epic modern stage shows. The hallmark of a great musical is a banging first number or overture, so this week’s Tuesday Tunes will showcase some of my favourite opening songs.

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Polly’s Pondering’s – What is in a name?

and this week I have pondered…

Names: what they mean and what they mean.

Following a chat in work about baby names, and what we might have been called had we been a different sex, I have been pondering names. Having investigated the subject as part of a ‘personal identity’ module at University, it amazes me that people are so unthinking in their choices when naming children, particularly in light of studies that cite the psychological impacts of the wrong name.

So what is truly ‘in a name? ‘

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5 of the Best: Non-Disney (but people think they are) Tunes.

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Not all cartoons are Disney

Last week I mentioned that I had once worked in the Disney Store and shared some of my top Disney tunes. One thing that used to happen quite often was being approached by someone who demanded you sell them something that just wasn’t Disney. We did not have any Swan Lake Barbie DVD’ or dolls, neither did we have Thumbelina or The Road to El Dorado, but some of those non-Disney films had great tunes, and here are 5 of them…
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Vlog Link : Driving and Writing (not at the same time, obviously!)

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Ticked off the List

As mentioned in my last post, I have ticked ‘Drive a car’ off of the 40×40, which is now an upgraded item on the Kettlelist (I have lots of lists, if you find yourself getting confused, and I know I do, just go here) Basically I have set myself the challenge of passing my driving test.

In the Vlog I chat about how I feel it went, and time scales for getting #3 on the list finished

Writing my book

Last week, I missed my pondering. That is not to say I didn’t write one; I wrote extensively, so much so in fact that I went over my hour and still hadn’t finished, so decided to extend it and will put it out this Thursday instead. Somewhat ironically, I was so busy writing I didn’t have time to write a blog post…

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5 of the Best: Disney Classics

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My favourite Disney Tunes

I will be spending part of this evening driving to the airport to collect Harriet following her first ‘solo’ trip abroad. I say solo, her boyfriend Jack was there too, but it was her first trip abroad that had been mostly booked and planned by her. You have probably guessed by now where she went… Disneyland Paris. Harri is a massive Disney fan, she managed to visit Disneyland Tokyo when we were in Japan, and so it got me thinking about my favourite Disney tunes…

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