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The Kettle List – Working on my fitness

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What’s on the list?

There are a number of fitness goals on the list – interestingly enough very few have been selected for my ‘focus list’, apart from ‘lose weight’ – which is a task from my 40 x 40 that I have been working on in a rather lack lustre manner!

So here are the fitness and health based goals that appear on the various lists…

The Kettle List

#6 Dance Lessons – Still not decided what kind yet, but there are lots of options locally, so I may wait until I have completed a few of the other health goals, that way I will be in a better condition to participate and enjoy the classes.

#8 Get Flexible – Culminating in being able to do the splits! Possibly a little ambitious, but I have seen videos that claim to be able to teach you how to do it in a few weeks, so I should be able to manage the task in a few years.  Hopefully my Pilates will help me on the road to flexibility.

#9 Learn a Marital Art – Again, not decided on one, and don’t particularly have time for lessons at the moment, but I have plenty of time to investigate this task. Maybe one that is not too aggressive; more defensive. I will need to decide how I am going to measure this task too – again, this is not on the focus list for this year, so I can park it for now.

#10 Run – That is it. Literally what I wrote: RUN.  What I think I would like to do is enter a Tough Mudder one year – not this year, obviously, as I need to train up a bit, and it will have to be the 5 Km as opposed to a full one. Thought I would break myself in gently as opposed to just break myself!

#11 Swim – Again, no actual defining for this task. I just wrote swim. I am not the worlds greatest swimmer – and there is that issue I have with the sea, which is on the focus list for this year, so I will need to figure out what I want to do with this. I was thinking – 50 lengths, or swim in 50 different places, or swim in a water fall, or some hot springs. May have to have a think about that one.

#12 Cycle  – This links in with an item that was on the 40 x 40.  Technically, I own a bike. Admittedly, I have used it about once, but it is probably rusty as … not sure how to finish that sentence, let’s just assume it is really rusty! I am not super confident on a bike but I would love to try and build that up, and also my endurance.  We are toying with the idea of  a cycling holiday in Holland – that lack of hills would certainly make it easier to get about!

The 40 x 40 – ‘To do’s and Have done’s’ 

#9 Lose a stone (that’s 14lbs or 6.3 Kgs, which means nothing to me!) – I did well to lose 3 stone a few years ago after I entirely cut sweets, biscuits and crisps from my diet – and walked everywhere.  As this is now on my focus list for 2019, I need to improve my eating habits and step up my exercise game. Just as soon as we get through the left over Christmas chocolate…

#33 Cycle to Bath – This was added to the 40 x 40 back in the heady days when I had a new bike and thought I would be able to manage a 10 mile cycle ride.  It is still something I would like to do though, and maybe it will find a place on the 2020 list.

#19 Charity Fun Run – DONE! One of the fitness goals I achieved! Once I get around to writing this one up I can link you to the page, but in the meantime I have a video of me doing it, which is just as good.

The Bristol Bucket List

I have a whole section involving ‘Getting Active’ – the activities on there are:

*Go indoor climbing

*Visit the Lido

*Try out paddle boarding in the docks

Only Climbing is on my focus list – so I am hoping I can talk Ethan into coming with me one Saturday, so I can get this one ticked off.  I used to be quite good at climbing, years ago, and loved abseiling, so it would be interesting to see if the kids are equally into it.


So these are my fitness goals – New Year seemed like a good time to revisit them.
What are your fitness plans for the year? Do you plan on trying something new or getting better at an existing skill? Let me know in the comments.


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5 thoughts on “The Kettle List – Working on my fitness

  1. I have a lot of the same goals. I have been training myself to prepare for a 5k in June, and I also want to become more flexible I went to bend my knees the other day and I felt so stiff! Omg I felt like I was getting old. Lol great list!

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