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Vlog link – A Banksy Spray-art Session and list ticking news.

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Hey Hey!

In the Vlog this week I get to show you the cool Spray-art Toby and I created during our session with Where The Wall as well as share news about a 40×40 task I will be completing tomorrow.

Where The Wall

For Christmas I bought Tiggs a session with the gang at Where The Wall. As well as their award winning Street Art Tours, they offer workshops on spray-art that demonstrate the techniques used by Banksy in his world famous works.

Bansky’s 2002 image of a young girl releasing a heart shaped, red, balloon became one of the world’s most well known images when the print ‘self-destructed’ during an auction in 2018.

Whike Banksy is said to be a purist, who designs his stencils and then cuts them on cardboard, during the session we used laser cut stencils, which afforded some amazing detail to the work.

That is if you can spray while manipulating kebab sticks! We had to used them to press down the stencil to avoid ‘misting’ and drips.

Here are a few shots of us at work – well, not me, I was taking pictures! Tiggs enjoyed the look, but I have been assured he has no intentions of defacing the streets of Bristol.

Toby getting into character

It was a very enjoyable hour and we both came away with art work that I am hoping to frame and put up.

You can book a session via the website

40×40 News

It has taken me a year, but I have finally booked a driving lesson!

Tomorrow evening I will be on the roads; probably want to avoid the streets of East Bristol between 7-8!

This will mean I will now be able to tick off another item on my 40×40 list, impressively early in the year too.

Being able to complete a task this soon is very encouraging and just endorses my evangelical pushing of bucketlists in all their forms. It is entirely possible I would have eventually forced myself into learning to drive, but I am convinced that making it a task on my Kettlelist, and particularly my 2019 focus list, has made me go out of my way to make this happen.

Now I just need to pass my test… Although let’s try being in the car first.

What are your experiences of driving, or indeed creating public art?

I want to create a mural, but may have to investigate other arty techniques before committing to one.



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