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5 of the Best: Disney Classics

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My favourite Disney Tunes

I will be spending part of this evening driving to the airport to collect Harriet following her first ‘solo’ trip abroad. I say solo, her boyfriend Jack was there too, but it was her first trip abroad that had been mostly booked and planned by her. You have probably guessed by now where she went… Disneyland Paris. Harri is a massive Disney fan, she managed to visit Disneyland Tokyo when we were in Japan, and so it got me thinking about my favourite Disney tunes…

I once worked in the Disney store, many years ago. In fact I was pregnant with Harri while I worked there, so a) it was about 20 years ago! and b) perhaps that is where she gets it from! The DVD they played was only an hour long and on a loop so I have been systematically tortured by a few of the songs, which I avoid to this day, but here are the tune’s that I love most.

Moana – How far I’ll go

I never really got on board the ‘Frozen’ train, but I loved that Disney were finally doing films with singing characters again after years of seriousness.
When Moana came out it had everything: the Rock, Lin-Manuel Miranda tunes, AND Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords!

The Little Mermaid – Part of your world.

Staying with water theme, I remember this coming out in 1989. I also remember how expensive the videos were at one point because Disney used to purposely remove them from sale every so often for a few years. I am so glad YouTube came along!

Pete’s Dragon ( the proper one, not the naff remake) Candle on the water

I will freely confess to winding this one forward as a child, what can I say, I was obviously not old enough to appreciate it or Helen Reddy’s voice. This entire film is one classic after another with an honourable mention going to Jim Dale’s ‘Dr Terminus’ and this song about his attempts to pronounce the name of the New England town he is visiting.

Hercules – Zero to Hero

This is a film that came out while I worked for Disney, as I remember all of the promotion in the store. I just love the whole gospel vibe going on in this tune. It is also interesting to note that from the Lion King in 1994 up until Lilo and Stitch in 2003, all of the leads to the Disney animations were male. In fact a princess didn’t turn up again until 2012 the Princess and the Frog, proving that Disney is not just for girls, but for everyone!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame – Out there.

This is one of the few tunes that I was subjected to daily that I can still listen to. This is such an underrated film, yet has some great songs – including this one about longing for the freedom to live a normal life.

So you are bound to have different favourites – there are hundreds of songs to choose from. What are your top Disney tunes?

Let me know in the comments down below.



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10 thoughts on “5 of the Best: Disney Classics

  1. Part of your world is one of my favourite and the little mermaid is definitely my fave Disney film but brother bear comes ridiculously close. The music from that is incredible

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    1. I want to say Phil Collins, but he did Tarzan. Will need to rewatch a few of the later Disney ones, after Hercules, I kind of fell out of the Disney loop.
      Will need to do another Disney #TuesdayTunes – forgotten classics, or something like that.


      1. Yes it was Phil who did brother bear. I’ve not watched much after that. Not the same as when I was a kid (late 80s/early 90s) although I do like frozen

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