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Polly’s 40 things to do before 40: # 14 Drive a car

On the road…

I am pleased to announce that not only have I actually completed a task from the 40 x 40, I am also making headway into a task on the Kettle List ; I had a driving lesson!

L Plate
L for learner … and Look out other road users!

The initial task on my original list was to merely ‘Drive a car’, and I was hoping to achieve this fairly easily by driving up and down the beach in my Mum’s car. This never happened, hence my having to carry the task over, as per item #2 of my Kettle List: Complete the 40 x 40 list!

This is the reason behind Item #3 of the Kettle List. As you know I have this whole EBI (Even Better If) policy, so if I was going to carry the task over I had to up my game, therefore the task has now been upgraded to ‘Pass my Driving Test’.

My lesson actually went quite well. I did have lessons over 20 years ago, and as someone who has been a passenger for 40 + years I actually no more about road use and the Highway Code than I realised, particularly regarding rules and rights of way. My teacher Dale was very reassuring and did not laugh in my face when I suggested I would like to pass my test by September, in fact he considered it totally possible.

I have since investigated booking the theory test, which I must pass prior to booking my actual test, and even attempted an online version – which I passed. I am looking to take it in March, after a little more revision and a bit more driving experience to check this is something I actually can do.

A clip from last weeks Vlog where I chat about my driving journey.

I will keep you posted, and let you know when I get dates for my tests. and you can cheer with me if I pass, and console me if I fail!

With regard the 40 x 40:

So my challenge was to drive a car – which I did – and will hopefully continue to do so and pass my test. So this challenge is…




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11 thoughts on “Polly’s 40 things to do before 40: # 14 Drive a car

  1. Ooh exciting times! I used to drive “in my head” when I was a passenger, but I don’t bother any more now. I have a licence but I’ve given up driving. I was so anxious about it that it was so limited as to where I could go. Motorways a definite no no for me.

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    1. My problem is I overthink things and always make them harder than they need to be- so I am trying to think of the benefits, like not having to rely on others to go shopping… And possibly a road trip north! 😁


  2. Well done on getting back into your driving lessons! I didn’t have a car for a while last year and I actually enjoyed it. Now that I have one again, I appreciate how much freedom it gives me. I have my fingers crossed for you passing before September, looking forward to finding out how you get on x

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  3. Congrats on starting on your driving lessons! I don’t drive much last few years so if I need to go somewhere where I am not sure how the roads are or if I know it will be lots of traffic I definitely get nervous. I don’t particulary enjoy driving, it is more means to the end, but maybe it is also because I don’t drive that much and don’t have enough confidence in this area.

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  4. Well Done!! I was very nervous when I started driving too but now I love! It’s gives you so much independence & freedom, even if it can be quite expensive! I have my full test booked since last may, still waiting on a date! Hopefully I will become a full licenced driver in 2019!! x

    Linda ||

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