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5 of the Best: Non-Disney (but people think they are) Tunes.

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Not all cartoons are Disney

Last week I mentioned that I had once worked in the Disney Store and shared some of my top Disney tunes. One thing that used to happen quite often was being approached by someone who demanded you sell them something that just wasn’t Disney. We did not have any Swan Lake Barbie DVD’ or dolls, neither did we have Thumbelina or The Road to El Dorado, but some of those non-Disney films had great tunes, and here are 5 of them…

The customer is not always right.

I once got into a full scale argument with a women in the store who insisted I ‘give her money back’ for an Anastasia doll that her daughter had been bought for her birthday. She didn’t have a receipt, but wanted cash back nonetheless because there was nothing else in the store she wanted (not sure if she consulted the alleged daughter to see if she wanted anything, but there you go).
There was a good reason she didn’t have a Disney receipt, and why she couldn’t see any other Anastasia dolls on the shelves, for despite her protests it was not a Disney product,  pointing this out to the woman ended in a ‘I want to talk to the manager’ moment, where, thankfully, the manager could do nothing but agree that I was right – almost unheard of in retail!-  and refuse the refund.

Disney made some classic films, but so did many other companies and here are some of my favourites for  today’s Tuesday Tunes

Deliver Us – Prince of Egypt

This film apparently came about when Stephen Spielberg suggested to a former Disney chairman, Jeffrey Katzenberg, that he should ‘do the 10 commandments’ – an idea he had originally suggested to Disney bosses without success. This song is the opening number, one of my favourite songs from the film although it was another number ‘When you believe’, that won an Academy Award for Best Original Song  in 1999


Bartok the Magnificent

This was the title song from the follow up film to Anastasia. I am surprised how few people have seen this one, as I consider it a classic. The premise is a little odd,  and I think it supposed to be a prequel, which raises more questions than it actually answers.  What happened to the Kelsey Grammer voiced bear, Zozi? Why did Bartok join Rasputin?  and what was Pilof supposed to be?

Somewhere Out There – An American Tail

This well  loved classic was a box office smash and one of the highest grossing non-Disney animated movie at the time.  The version of this tune by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram reached number 8 in the British charts in 1986, but below is the cute film version.

I am a girl like you – Barbie: Princess and the Pauper

When my girls were little we had all of the Barbie films on video (yep, that’s right, video) I particularly remember buying the dolls from this film, as they sang this very song. I have been told by Hannah that she had to always play Erica as she had to brown hair, while Harri was the blonde princess. That is the downside of being the younger sister I suppose.


The Prayer – The Quest for Camelot

This song as become very popular over recent years, thanks to various TV talent shows, but this is where it is from. The film was a box office flop, but this song won a Golden globe, with the version by Celine  Dion and Andrea Bocelli  being realised in 1999.


I need to give the Swan Princess a Special Mention – it would have made this list if I could find a better version on YouTube, this one is just the song, but still worth a look.

What was your favourite animated film? What songs do you remember liking
Any recommendations or suggestions for a future Tuesdays Tunes?
Let me know in the comments down below.




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3 thoughts on “5 of the Best: Non-Disney (but people think they are) Tunes.

  1. You have no idea how happy I am knowing I’m not the only one who remembers Bartok the Magnificent! Although some of my faves were “Journey to the Past” (Anastasia), “For Longer than Forever” (The Swan Princess) and “If I Didn’t Have You” (Quest for Camelot) xx

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