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Polly’s Pondering’s – Is sharing, caring?

and this week I have pondered…

Do we always have to share ?

Inspired by a particularly riling twitter thread the other day, I have been pondering the concept of sharing, guilt, and whether it is a learnt behaviour. In particular, I wanted to look at how we were taught as children to share, and how this, in turn, impacts what we then teach our own children.

So is ‘sharing caring’, or does the lesson come with a cost?

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5 of the Best: Songs of Love for Valentines.

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Just for Valentines Day

This could just as easily be a top 500, the majority of songs are about love, or being in love…or losing love, but that’s not what we want to hear about at this time of year!

As it is, I only have to choose 5, so I thought I would go for a mix for styles and artists, all of whom want to share the love with you, just in time for Valentines!

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Polly Filler – This week!

Polly Filler


Into February

That last week of January was the longest of my life – and it ended with very deep snow that I had to trudge for 2 hours in to get to work.  I say trudge, it became more of a hobble after I slipped on the ice and landed on my back. After realising I would not actually be able to sit down at work, I was allowed home to wallow in pain. Welcome to February everyone!

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5 of the Best singles I bought in my childhood.

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Long before YouTube… There were single, inconvenient songs on a record

Back in the day – the ‘day’ being between 1987 and 1997- I used to buy lots of singles. They only used to cost about 99 pence in Woolworths back then, or maybe that was the reduced price, they used to sell them off once they left the charts. Records, and then later tapes, were what I spent my birthday and pocket money on.
Sadly Woolworths, their records and their pick n mix are no longer with us. To be fair, neither do I own a record player or anything that plays tapes, so they wouldn’t be much use to me anyway.

Nowadays I am all about Spotify and You Tube, and I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to get most of the music I listen to daily as singles now anyway, what with me being into Korean Indie bands – I am so cool and down with the kids…

But sometimes, I like to reminisce about the tunes I listened in my youth. These are some of the ones I liked so much – I bought them.

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