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5 of the Best singles I bought in my childhood.

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Long before YouTube… There were single, inconvenient songs on a record

Back in the day – the ‘day’ being between 1987 and 1997- I used to buy lots of singles. They only used to cost about 99 pence in Woolworths back then, or maybe that was the reduced price, they used to sell them off once they left the charts. Records, and then later tapes, were what I spent my birthday and pocket money on.
Sadly Woolworths, their records and their pick n mix are no longer with us. To be fair, neither do I own a record player or anything that plays tapes, so they wouldn’t be much use to me anyway.

Nowadays I am all about Spotify and You Tube, and I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to get most of the music I listen to daily as singles now anyway, what with me being into Korean Indie bands – I am so cool and down with the kids…

But sometimes, I like to reminisce about the tunes I listened in my youth. These are some of the ones I liked so much – I bought them.

The late Eighties, and early Nineties were an interesting time musically. I had just started Senior School in 1988 and used to love looking through copies of Smash Hits and learning the lyrics of my favourite songs. Here are a few of the songs I liked enough that I chose to spend my hard earned (??) cash on the singles.

Birdhouse in your soul- They Might Be Giants

I was reminded of this tune after watching ‘Pushing Up Daisies’ a while ago, and even now, almost 30 years later, I still have no idea what this song means. Very catchy though.

Fascinating Rhythm -Bass-O-Matic

Another tune from 1990, this one sampled the 1960’s Tommy Roe tune ‘Dizzy’ – which would then be released a year later by Vic Reeves and the Wonder Stuff.

Got My Mind Set On You -George Harrison

I really listened to loads of different stuff in my youth. While I enjoyed the songs of the day, I also loved The Beatles, and bands from the early Eighties like The Beat and The Specials. When this tune by the late George Harrison came out it became one of my favourites.

Hanky Panky – Madonna

Don’t Judge! I was a teenager and thought I was being edgy!

I was never really a Madonna fan as such, but I do remember buying this one, and ‘Dear Jessie’, which involved slightly less spanking as I recall.

I wanna be the only one Eternal feat Bebe Winans

The last single I ever bought, back in 1997. Amused by how young Ant and Dec are in the intro to this ‘live’ version from the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party. What ever happened to Enternal?

How did you listen to your music as a child? Were you an album collector or a singles gatherer?

Any recommendations or suggestions for a future Tuesdays Tunes? Would love to share other people’s musical favourites.

Let me know in the comments down below.



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3 thoughts on “5 of the Best singles I bought in my childhood.

  1. *cough* I left senior school before you started 😆
    My favourite band was definitely Kajagoogoo. I had a thing for Nick Beggs. Also my friend and I were big fans of Paul Young. We saw an ill fated concert of his at Hammersmith when we were 13. He lost his voice. The concert was cut short. A few weeks later we received a special cassette of another gig of his as compensation.
    Many years later my friend and I saw him at our home town. We wore our t-shirts from Hammersmith, but nobody else was wearing any kind of fan merchandise 😂
    Thanks for the reminder Mx

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