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5 of the Best: Songs of Love for Valentines.

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Just for Valentines Day

This could just as easily be a top 500, the majority of songs are about love, or being in love…or losing love, but that’s not what we want to hear about at this time of year!

As it is, I only have to choose 5, so I thought I would go for a mix for styles and artists, all of whom want to share the love with you, just in time for Valentines!

Tunes about love

My favourite ‘love’ tune has already appeared on a previous Tuesday Tunes  – My love for Hyukoh is not a secret! – but I have gathered a few classic songs here to get you in the mood for love, or to just have a sing-a-long.

I’ll say Forever – Jimmy Ruffin

This is an evergreen Motown classic.  I used to have a tape onto which I had recorded loads of singles, and I still hear the slight scratchiness of the record before the song starts when I imagine this song, and the other tunes I had on that mix tape.

I get the sweetest feeling – Jackie Wilson

Another tune from the late sixties that everyone will know. Just those piano chords in the intro and then the drum kicks in…love it!

I love you because – Jim Reeves

My dad’s side of the family were the country & Western fans, and I remember clearly hearing songs by Ken and Dolly, by Don Williams and Slim Whitman and by the beautiful voice of ‘Gentleman’ Jim Reeves. Having previously traumatised my daughters after making them listen to the song ‘The Blizzard’, this love tune more than makes up for any long term damage I may have caused them by playing them a tune about people dying in a storm…hopefully.

Life is like a Butterfly – Dolly Parton

I was a massive Dolly Parton fan as a child, I even got to see her in concert a couple of years ago. So while in the country mood, I thought I would add in another song.

Endless Love – Diana Ross & Lionel Richie

So many songs I still want to add to this list – but love is not just for Valentines day!- it is eternal, or indeed ‘endless’ as Diana and Lionel tell us in this song from the early eighties.

What song gets you in the mood for love? Do you have a special ‘our song’ tune that you share with your partner? What songs really speak to your heart?

Tell me all about it  in the comments down below.



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