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5 of the Best: Intros to Kids shows.

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Kids shows get all the best theme tunes..

Although, deciding on just 5 was tough! My first pick was actually my ring tone for a number of years, while I let Hannah pick a few of the newer ones.

I’m sure your 5 tunes would be different, so check mine out and then let me know what I should include next time I do a ‘5 of the best’ kids show’s intro’s

The first few bars of any cool intro should have you running in to watch the show. So here are a few (well five!) of the intros we loved just as much as the show.

Chorlton & the Wheelies

The Fimbles


Jamie & the Magic Torch



What was your favourite show? Did it have a cool theme tune?

Would love to share other people’s musical favourites.

Let me know in the comments down below.



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