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Kettle List Update: The 2019 Focus List

Back in the day – that day being December 21st 2018…

I had the wizard idea to select a few items from my Kettle/Bucket/Bristol List and focus on getting them completed. With 13 outstanding items on the 40 x 40, and pretty much ALL of them from the Kettle List, it seemed like a plan was in order. I was trying to concentrate on too many things.

So I thought I would give you a bit of an update.

The plan had been…

My reasoning was, that if I had only a few items to choose from, rather than an extensive list, I would be more likely to organise myself. I am not a fan of too much choice; it makes me frightfully indecisive.

An obvious problem then occurred – I started seeing opportunities to complete items that were not on the Focus list. This was not really an unexpected circumstance, as I had half suspected it would happen and was happy to mitigate. It is like when you are forced to make a ‘heads or tails’ decision and you don’t get the answer you want – it demonstrates that you have actually formed a choice in the your head, and as the long term goal is to complete the tasks on the lists, if this is the only way I can get things done, so be it.

What was on the list?

I have put a link above, to a fairly interesting read, if I do say so myself, but if you are reading on anyway, here is a reminder of what I intended focusing on this year:

From the 40 x 40 List:

*Go on a Spa Day
*Drive a car – I have done this one and my driving lessons appear to be going well.
*Visit every county – or at least a few new ones.
*Lose a stone (14lbs, don’t ask about kilograms, they are for food not people!)
*Go into the sea – up to my waist
*Crochet a top

From the Kettle List:

*Visit a European Capital
*Go on the USA trip
*Make 1000 Cranes – not all of them! Just make a dent!
*Pass your driving Test – again, baby steps – lessons are a good starting place.

From the Bristol List:

*Finally go in the Arnolfini
*Find a great independent coffee shop
*Go to ‘Wild place’- and try that barefoot trail
*Attend Upfest
*Try indoor climbing

So what has been happening?

We are only 2 months in, therefore much of my ‘work’ has been of the planning and saving variety.

I have 2 potential spa day’s coming up, one with my Mum, and one with Rin, so I will finally get that one ticked off. I have also booked myself a mini pamper session for my birthday, which isn’t on the list, but if I don’t spoil myself now and then, who will?

Driving is going well, although I have only just started reversing into parking spaces, and going backwards is throwing me off somewhat!

The healthy eating is working, I am just 6lbs away from my 2nd target weight – I shall explain:

I initially set myself a goal to go down from 10 stone to 9 stone. It was going well, particularly as I had lost around 3 stone the year before. Sadly my weight crept back up, so now the plan is to get back to 10,and then onward to 9. I am taking it slowly, 1lb a week, and progress is… Progressive?!?


As I predicted, other things have popped up to ‘throw off’ my focus, but I am all about flexibility (that will be the Pilates!).

I have finally filled the gaps in the Kettle list,so that now there are are 49 items on it – I am fully aware of my own advise regarding numbers, as per my first ever post!

I am also cognisant that 49 things, are not 50 things. This is because I am saving the very last space for an ‘ultimate adventure’ and I don’t know what it will be quite yet.

But, all on all, things are going well, albeit mainly in the background – you would believe the number of unfinished draft posts I have for this site!

I am also in the process of building a kitchen, so if I am not about, it is because I am elbow deep in paint and IKEA instructions.



Mature (technically) graduate, vlogger, blogger, dreaming of travelling, mum of 4, K-pop addict, Japanese culture fan, and wannabe minimalist. And that is what this is all about... I am clearing, decluttering and "minimalising" with the long term aim of travelling and completing the adventures on my #kettlelist (Bucket list seems a bit final!) Come visit me on twitter and instagram @Pollyplaits , or on Youtube for my Polly put the kettle on (#PPTKO) weekly vlog that is DEFINITELY #NOTa50x50

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