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5 of the Best: Polly’s Birthday Tunes

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As it is my birthday this week…

I thought I would look back on the shows and concerts I have attended as Birthday presents over the years, and share some of the tunes I have listened to over the last 40 or so years.

From concerts I attended with my Nan & Granddad back in the eighties, to my 21st birthday, my 40th and a few more in between music has always had an integral role in my Birthday celebrations. I’m actually off to a concert tomorrow, as I have decided to stretch my birthday out for a whole week – because, why not?

What concerts have been most memorable for you? Have you seen any of these performers?

Shows I have seen

Rumour has it – well, my Mum told me – that I saw The Nolans’, back in the early eighties, but I can’t remember it. I do, however, remember seeing these shows. If you are ever at a loss for a present idea, and especially if you have to buy for someone who isn’t a fan of ‘stuff’, why not offer to go to see a band with them? I know I would always appreciate a night out with music.

Foster & Allen

I remember going to see Foster & Allen with my parents, my Nan & my Granddad back in the eighties. The support act was the relatively unknown, albeit ‘up-and-coming’ Daniel O’Donnell. Wonder what ever happened to that lad?
We even got my Granddad’s VHS Video cover signed by the pair at the end of the show – we queued up for ages! This song was played with this same video in the background, of a clumsy chap trying very hard to impress his wife. I had fairly odd musical taste as a child, and this was one genre that definitely came from my Dad’s side!

Wet Wet Wet

I have seen The Wet’s twice now – and both times for a birthday. I saw the ‘Holding Back the River Tour, back in 1990 with my Dad. It was in Shepton Mallet’s ‘showering Pavillion’, pretty sure it was a giant cow shed. Then I saw them again at the NEC in Birmingham with Pat – this time it was in 2016. They are one of only 2 bands I have seen more than once – the other being The Levellers, who I have seen 3 times in the last 25 years. Maybe if those dodgy scalpers didn’t buy up all the tickets I could have got to see Hyukoh or BTS in London…not bitter. Certainly don’t wish a painful death on those that buy up tickets for shows they have no interest in, in the hope that they can sell the tickets off at over inflated prices… no problem with that at all… Sorry went on a bit of a rant there. Here is some cheeky Marti Pellow to cheer me up.

The Monkees

My 18th birthday was a bit of a wash out, I didn’t have the traditional party as I was told to wait until my 21st. By then I was married and was told ‘ you had a party when you got married’ – so no 21st party either. (Got shot in the face by a party popper at my 30th; I don’t appear to have a lot of luck with birthdays!) However I did get to do two cool things for my 21st. We had a mini-cruise to Holland AND got to see The Monkees in concert.
Later in the year I also got to go to Disney Land Paris as an anniversary present , and then discovered I was having Harriet, so 1998 was a fairly eventful year!

Some many of The Monkees songs are well known, but this tune is given less air time, yet is one of their best. You can definitely hear the Carol King influence.

The Everly Brothers

This is another duo my Dad got me into; he had the tape in his car, and this song was my talent show staple for a number of years (this, and Dolly Parton’s ‘Coat of Many Colours!)
We initially turned up for the concert and it was cancelled as Phil had a sore throat – after we had waited outside for hours. I did get to shake a hand through the car window as they drove away though. The show was eventually rescheduled and we got to see them and listen to their tight harmonies.

Paul Rodgers

While a few of the concerts above were of musicians of whom I became a fan from paternal influence, this concert was all John. My step-dad was a massive fan of Free, and he and my Mum had already seen Paul Rodgers in concert before. While not a massive fan my Mum raved about the show, and got me tickets to see him the next time he was in Bristol. He is one of the best live acts I have ever seen and will certainly be getting tickets again when he returns to Bristol.

This week I will be at Bristol’s O2, watching Dodie – who my daughter Hannah has introduced me to, so it is like my musical taste influencers have come full circle, from my Grandparents, my parents and now my kids. Where does your musical taste come from? Are you ‘old school’ or are you happy to try out new sounds, and listen to a few ‘Taste Breakers’ now and then? Ever thought about trying out a new genre?



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