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Winning at Walking!

Having been inspired by fellow blogger, Katrina at ‘Real Girls Wobble‘, I signed up to the ‘Race at your Pace’ March Challenge.And I now have my medal!


Every Step forward is a step closer

Health goals feature in my Kettlelist quite heavily; running, swimming, cycling, getting flexible and learning a martial art all make an appearance.If you check out my 2019 focus list you will notice a stark absence of these items… Almost like I am avoiding it. Apart, I guess, from the ‘lose weight’ goal, but that is a constant in my life until I get to where I want to be with that.So let me tell you about how I am taking little steps, because they all add up.

Walk before you can run

A very sensible person once suggested that before you throw yourself full pelt into a life change, you should master the basics. I cannot run. Well, I can, in fact I used to be really fast; I was a sprinter, even got asked to run for Avon County back in the day. However, that was a long time ago and my sprinting days are over – unless I am chased my a lion or something, and if I’m not caught I will be crazy out of breath at the end of the escape!Where was I? Walking! I am a walking master!; it kind of comes with the territory when you don’t drive and can’t be bothered to wait for buses. For years I walked everywhere, thinking nothing of the 6 mile round trip to the shops, or a walk into town. Thankfully this has passed on to the kids, who with minimal complaints will trot along with us.I remember when we took a family holiday to Spain; it was May 2010, so Ethan would have been coming up to age 4. Having tried out the restaurant near our apartment, and being somewhat unimpressed, we decided to explore further afield. We took a leisurely walk along a coastal path to the next town and discovered a great little place, which we subsequently went to every night. We were telling a family we met by the pool about it.’How far away is it?’ the dad asked’Well, can’t be that far. The baby managed to walk there and back’ I replied(Ethan was called’ The baby’ until he was 10, much to his chagrin!)Their kids looked to be around 8 and 10, therefore perfectly capable of a walk a mere toddler could manage, so they decided to set off and try out the restaurant.When we saw them at the pool the next day, they did not look happy. Apparently the walk had been too much for his kids and he had been forced to fork out 25 Euros for a taxi back to our apartment complex.The point being, my lot are used to walking!So, to bring this piece back to my Kettlelist, I signed up to the Race at your Pace Challenge, as it gave an option to walk the distance. I actually walked more than the required 25 miles, and technically the month doesn’t end until Sunday, so I know that I can do better. Therefore, I have stretched myself and opted to do 50 miles for April. The idea is to progress to a point where I can do the running challenge – maybe even cycling and swimming? That could be how I measure these Kettlelist challenges, a certain number of medals achieved?

But for now I will stick with walking – every journey starts with that first step…

Although if I ever do get chased by a lion, I will be breaking landspeed records!



Mature (technically) graduate, vlogger, blogger, dreaming of travelling, mum of 4, K-pop addict, Japanese culture fan, and wannabe minimalist. And that is what this is all about... I am clearing, decluttering and "minimalising" with the long term aim of travelling and completing the adventures on my #kettlelist (Bucket list seems a bit final!) Come visit me on twitter and instagram @Pollyplaits , or on Youtube for my Polly put the kettle on (#PPTKO) weekly vlog that is DEFINITELY #NOTa50x50

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