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April showers; Rainy day tunes

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While last week we were listening to Spring-time tunes…

… April traditionally brings showers with it, so to prepare for a potential downpour, here are five tunes all about the rain.

(I am not taking any responsibility if it suddenly starts bucketing down!)

Welcome to this weeks experimental take on Tuesday’s tunes.

Songs about Rain

It may seem like I chuck these ‘tune compilations’ together at the last minute, racing them out on a Monday night when I realise, just before I go to bed, that I haven’t written it … and yes, that may well be the case today, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about these things a lot.

Okay – so I have literally just shouted ‘Songs about rain, hit me’ to my family, but I am looking upon it as a social experiment. There are 5 people in the house tonight – including me, so let’s see what we come up with when put on the spot.

Hannah’s choice: It’s raining men – The Weather Girls

Because, of course, what other choice is there! She had never actually seen the terrible video that accompanies this 1983 classic, and is now regretting her choice…I think she thinks this is what all the videos looked liked before CGI…

Paul’s choice: Raining in my heart -Buddy Holly

Either because he is old, or he is thinking of an old advert, that we can’t find a link to on Youe, this is Paul’s rain choice.

(And also because I told him ‘Insane in the memb – rain’ doesn’t count!)

Toby’s choice: Purple Rain – Prince

Fairly impressed with the Boy’s choice, not going to lie. Tiggs has never struck me as a big Prince fan, so not sure where he knows this one from, but it was the first song he came up with, and rules are rules.

Ethan’s Choice: Africa – Toto

Yes, we were confused too, but then he started singing ‘I bless rains down in Africa’ and I had to concede. As a side note back in September 2018, here in Bristol one of our clubs held a 12 hour ‘Africa’ marathon for charity – as in played the song on a 12 hour loop. Not sure if the UN got involved regarding this torturous crime against humanity.

Polly’s Choice: A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall – Bryan Ferry

I have noticed that in my everyday life, as I go about my daily business, there is just not enough Bryan Ferry in it. So to address the balance here is my pick. My Mum was a massive fan back in the eighties, and I remember once writing a song exclusively using the title of songs from Roxy Music albums for each line – I think it was called ” Just another High” and I may need to recreate it, for nostalgic purposes.

This has been a fun way of writing Tuesdays Tunes – I may need to enlist the family again!

There are so many other ‘rain’ based tunes, which one would you have picked if I put you on the spot? Let me know in the comments.



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