Why you should declutter alone.

Why you should declutter alone!

Mention mum, loft, not getting rid, being in right frame of mind, kids keeping stuff etc.  Find articles.

Example: Hannah bought down stuff for sale – owls/bracelet/Harri’s LPS newt.

My bracelets, took back. Kept one owl, will go with new living room.

Realise I was doing what I was telling my mum not to do. Can’t judge what other consider rubbish and what they wan to get rid of.


arguments against –
have counterpoints for each.

Back to reality.

This story, while it may seem far fetched, overly dramatic, was true to my personal experience.

The pitfalls with decluttering by yourself are as follows:

  • Too many distractions – It’s too easy to get overwhelmed by one area, so you go to the next.. then get overwhelmed by that one, then move on again..  Next thing you know, you’ve been overwhelmed by three different areas.
  • It goes way slower than expected. As you saw in my experience, it goes incredibly slow on your own.  All the piles building up, then hauling them around. It doesn’t seem like much, but when you are doing EVERYTHING on your own, ALL DAY, it gets very old.
  • Sell? I found a bunch of stuff I wanted to sell, but then I had to deal with putting up the ad, taking pictures, dealing with flakes, negotiators, scammers, and general weirdos on craigslist. That in itself is not a huge ordeal, but it adds another layer of clutter in your mind.
  • Hauling it out. You’re already tired from the emotions of going through your own stuff. Now you have to haul it down stairs, to your car, and drop it off, sell it, or trash it?
  • Getting permission. I’ve found that most of my clients have a hard time getting rid of something that’s “on the fence”, and worried if they get rid of something that’s part of a shared experience their friends will be annoyed. I got this alot, “How could you get rid of your Star Wars toys?” (I heard that a few times before I got gave them away)
  • I’d list more, but I don’t want to discourage you!