#3 Pass My Driving Test

Further Update, January 14th 2019:

I have started my lessons. 2019 is the year I take my driving test…in theory.

Check out this post  for my latest news and a link to the Vlog.

Update! 28th June 2018:

I caved! I decided to apply and was impressed with how swiftly my provisional licence arrived (less impressed with the terrible picture!)  Will have to look at booking up some driving lessons now…

24th September 2017:

On my previous list (the 40×40) I had put ‘drive a car’ as one of my tasks and I had fully intended to do that, however as of today, I have yet to apply for my provisional licence.  It is a pretty simple job, I can do it online, but it will cost me £34, and as I can’t afford lessons at the moment, getting one is fairly low on the priority list.  Also, It takes your passport photo…and mine is horrendous! When I applied for my passport, my photo was turned down because it showed my teeth, they kind of stick out, so creating a pose that the passport people would find acceptable meant pulling a face like Pob  .  I therefore, am not enamored with the picture and don’t particularly want it on my driving licence.  But my passport does run out in 2020, and providing I look like a human as opposed to a pink haired puppet, I will be able to then get a licence with a better picture on it… so until then, this task is on hold…