#35 – Visit 50 places of Worship

What is ‘task #35?

So, the basic premise of this entry on the list, was to visit 50 different places of worship, be that churches, temples, shrines, druidy type altars… anywhere really that was of special spiritual significance to people.

I started off at a good pace in Japan, where there are temples and shrines at every turn!  I chose not to include all of the smaller ones, only those that were named and of which I took pictures.

Pictures from the Japan tour:

This was the first Shinto shrine we visited in Nara.  It was called ‘Sumiyoshi’ – although there are 3 named shrines in the area, we didn’t actually enter it fully as we were waiting for Yumi, who was scouting out a restaurant for our lunch!
Shinto shrines tend to have red/orange tori gates, and animal guardians outside.

From here it was just a short walk to…

The Nandaimon Gate of Todaiji

This massive complex houses a number of buildings, temples and shrines, including the main Todaiji building (or Great Buddha Hall – daibutsuden) that contains the world’s largest bronze Buddha.

Kofuku-ji :

Another Buddhist complex.

A peaceful place, with a 5 storey pagoda, go check out the history on their website.