#4 Continue with the Japanese Learning

おはよう ございます、
私は日本語が上手じゃないですでも すきです。





I will have to get my friend Yumi to check I have written this properly!
I have been learning Japanese for a while, but I started taking it seriously about 6 months ago – seriously,in the sense that I have had lessons, bought some books and apps, as well as practising when I Skype Yumi in Japan.

When will I consider this task as completed? I’m not even sure myself really, perhaps when I can have a good conversation, I may even enter an exam just to get an all important piece of paper that will tell me I am good enough!

So, as of today (14th March 2017) I am at a very basic level, but I am able to make some useful sentences.  I’ll be updating this page now and then when I have exciting news – if it is EXTRA exciting news it will be in the blog or on a video.

May 2017:

IMG_4374I have now got books 1 -4 of Japanese from Zero, together with Kanji from Zero.  These are part of a series created by George Trombley, which together with the accompanying website and Youtube Videos are a great source for anyone looking to start Japanese, literally from zero knowledge of the Language.


Another tools that I have been using for learning include the website Learn with Oliver, together with watching subtitled Japanese television programs on YouTube – particularly ones that star Mokomichi Hayami!  I have also got a few books, that will  help me improve and speed up my reading comprehension, well …そう いい ね!

September 2017:

I am currently working my way through book 2 of Japanese from Zero – while watching the videos.  This means I can conjugate verbs, make invitations, and read all of the Hiragana, most of the Katakana, and a few Kanji.  I would very much like to work in Japan one day, so I am hoping to get my skill level up – to the extent that I am now spending at least one hour a day on my Japanese learning.