#44 – 50 Coffees in 50 Cities*

This page is a caffeinated work in progress, as I add on my pictures as I visit 50 Cities
(*for ‘city read: City/town/district/area)

Coffee 1 : Greater London – Heathrow Airport at the start of my Japan trip on April 4th 2017


Coffee 2: Osaka, Japan – 5th April 2017 – And it is a Sakura Latte!

Coffee 3: Nara – Komeda coffee – because Iced Coffee totally counts ( and also because I had plenty more coffees while I was there, so I have no compunction in counting it!). 6th April 2017


Coffee 4: Kyoto – Komeda coffee again! 10th April 2017.










Tokyo Coffees!!  (so lots of coffee, but just one city, so Coffee 5).

Harujuku – 15th April 2017


Tokyo Dome City – 15th April 2017

Asakura: 17th April 2017



Coffee 6: Wiston, west Sussex. While at the #BigChurchDayOut – lovely afternoon coffee and scones.

#7 Wiston, West Sussex

Coffee 7: Newbury, Berkshire – in the services “enjoying” a latte in Mcdonalds.#8 Newbury

Coffee 8: Newport, Wales.

#6 Newport

Coffee 9: Berlin, Germany. 17th & 18th March 2018 during my weekend away


Coffee 10: Bovington Tank Museum – The coffee was terrible, but I also got to tick off Dorest on my ‘Visit every county’ list, so that was cool…


Coffee 11: Bicester (Well, the services, I purposely made a pit stop for a coffee and to tick Oxfordshire off the county list.


Coffee 12: Milton Keynes – This was the closest Hannah could get tickets to go and see Dan & Phil in concert, so we made a weekend of it. Managed to tick off a coffee, but also Buckinghamshire from the the county list AND we got to go Indoor Skydiving!


Coffee 13: Potters Bar ( Okay, it was a services again, and much like our trip to Milton Keynes, I planned to stop so I could tick Hertfordshire off the county list) June 2nd 2018


Coffee 14: Colchester Castle Park, while attending a Medieval Fayre I have wanted to go to for the last 13 years!  I asked Toby to take the photo…so you can’t see the coffee and will just have to trust me.