Who is Polly?


Hey Hey Polly People!  Whether you have found me through YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or extreme boredom , welcome!

Please let me give you a quick run down:

I am Polly, a Cultural Geographer /Wannabe minimalist/ Vicarious Traveller/ Mum of 4/ Midlife Crisis Survivor/ Guide Leader/Would-be artist & Crafter/ Teacher/ perpetual student/ KonMari Addict/ Youtuber/ Blogger/Korean Music Junkie/ Japan Obsessive/ Street Art Photograph-taker/ Instagrammer  … That kind of covers most of it.


The next phase of my life is about:

  1. Sorting my house out by decluttering it, along with most of my possessions to create an Instagram worthy zen paradise. ‘Being happy with my house’ appears on my Kettle List and I am trying hard to follow in the footsteps of various famous minimalists. The long term plan is to possibly rent out my house, so it will need a bit of work!
  2. Getting my ‘Write on’ by working on my blog, my articles and finally finishing my WIP’s – ‘Works in progress’ (Completing at least one of my unfinished books is also on the Kettle List!) I am also currently working on some new teaching materials, so there is plenty to keep me busy.
  3. Actually, let’s just put ‘work on my Kettle List ‘ on here, shall we?
  4. Focusing on getting to where I want to be in 2022 : Namely Japan. This involves improving my language learning, and getting that TEFL qualification…and saving lots of money!
  5. …and owning my own K-pop idol band, in fact, I’m not greedy, it doesn’t even need to be a whole band, just one or two of them… which should be more than enough to keep me going for now…

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