All Things ‘Bucket List’.

While I initially started a 40 x 40 list back in the day – the day being a Wednesday in January 2016 – my lists have grown with my dreams, and so I have made this landing page to help direct people to the right place, whatever your listy needs.

The 40 x 40

The OG of my lists, this was the first, and is, as yet, uncompleted.  It was slightly ambitious to try and complete some of the things in one year, but I am still going and I have ticked off even more things in the last year.

You can see this list Here – With all of the links to the completed tasks – and links to some uncompleted ones too.

The Kettle List

My overall list – which contains many smaller lists (makes me wish I could do some clever ‘web’ / spider graph thing to combine them all on one page, but ‘gain computer skills’, is sadly not on the list)

Check out this list Here 


The Bristol Bucket List

Following a post back in October, I decided to revisit my hometown through the magic of… Bucket Lists, obviously.

This List can be found here – and is very much a work in progress.

The Christmas 2018 Bucket List

Again, an idea from a post – this time from Blogmas.
This is my 2018 Christmas attempt – It will probably become an annual event.