And I am back!

So, didn’t get around to writing any blog posts while in Japan – although to be fair, my iPad does not lend itself to blogging (and also, I may have been too busy having fun to write stuff!)  But I am back – complete with 700+ photos and videos, and all ready to make a vlog – or 5.  In fact I have decided that there is far too much footage to put in one video, so I will have a go at creating some kind of web-series; a “Polly does Japan” type thing.

Some of the highlights are available on Instagram  (check out #pollyplaitsinjapan )
– but I will get around to making a few videos, once I sort out what is happening at Uni, paying some debts off, and deciding what I am going to do with my life going forward.

So, short and sweet, although feel somewhat obliged to give you a few photos… so here are some choice shots.