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December 23rd – Last minute Christmas wrapping –

Hello and thank you Polly for letting me loose with this guest post on your blog – it’s such an honour. (The honour is mine! – Polly) 

 Polly is like Twitter Royalty in my book!

We thought we would exchange some crafty ideas for you this Christmas, and mine is a last minute gift wrapping idea.

Imagine it is Christmas Eve, you’re wrapping the last few small gifts, the shops have shut and horror of horrors, you have RUN OUT OF WRAPPING PAPER 😳

Don’t panic! Do you have an A4 envelope and a pair of scissors, because that’s all you need for this “hack” (not my favourite word but it seems to be a buzz word) …


Here are the steps to making a gift bag from an A4 envelope:


Cut the top off the envelope, making sure you cut below the sticky bit.


Fold in each side about 2-3 centimetres and do the same at the bottom. Turn the envelope over and fold back the other way along the same lines.

Next, put your hand inside the envelope and push the bottom and sides out, making the gift bag shape. Sharpen the crease lines.


You will see two triangles form at the bottom corners. Make them flat then fold them underneath. Glue or tape them in position.

Fold the top of the envelope inwards all the way around to make it stronger and neater.

Place your gift inside and either tape the top closed, or punch holes and tie with ribbon. Don’t forget to add a label.


I hope you have managed to follow my instructions. Do have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Please can we do this guest posting thing again soon Polly? It was so much fun!

Love Craft Owl (Marie)








More than welcome anytime, Marie!
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