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April showers; Rainy day tunes

#pptko2019 blog header base - tuesday tunes

While last week we were listening to Spring-time tunes…

… April traditionally brings showers with it, so to prepare for a potential downpour, here are five tunes all about the rain.

(I am not taking any responsibility if it suddenly starts bucketing down!)

Welcome to this weeks experimental take on Tuesday’s tunes.

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A Ponder about Ponderings

Just to confuse and bemuse regular readers, I am pondering on the wrong day… and it is a pondering about where I want to go with the ponderings and indeed all of my content, so this is technically a ‘Polly Filler’ piece, but about Ponderings, on the day that I would generally put out a Kettle List piece… So…I’m going to need a new Canva aren’t I?

Copy of #PPTKO2019 Blog header base - Kettle List


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Polly’s Pondering:Mid-Life Clothes Crisis, or 5 Things you shouldn’t wear at middle age.

This week I have been pondering…

What should women in their forties be wearing?

Well, according to an article I just read, the exact opposite of what I am currently wearing, so I appreciate that you aren’t necessarily going to want to take sartorial advice from a woman who wears pink shoes and has a collection of obnoxiously oversized bows so impressive, that it would make a six year old jealous.

Look at how cute that is! Doesn’t say ‘grasping at the straws of my quickly escaping youth’ in anyway…

I even wear my jumpers backwards… on purpose (I posit that ‘scandalous back’ is sexier than ‘too much boob’, but that’s probably why I am not a fashion blogger)

But sadly, I have to begrudgingly agree with Captain Killjoy, Charla Krupp, author of the book ‘How to Not Look Old’. Us ladies of a certain age do not always help ourselves, and so today’s pondering will look at 5 things ladies my age should not be wearing – sorry girls, but the truth hurts.

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The answer to life, the universe and everything: 42

Birthday insta.png

Here I was, getting all excited/depressed about turning forty, when it seems I was a little premature in my celebrations; as Douglas Adams quite rightly pointed out, the answer to life, the universe and everything is, obviously, 42. So let’s explore why this year is my special birthday.

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Polly’s Pondering – A Person v People ; or why crowds suck.

This week I have been pondering people, and why they are, sometimes, so annoying…

A person is Smart, People are Dumb.

That’s right, I am not above quoting ‘Men in Black‘ – seemed like an appropriate header to start this piece off, which was inspired, in part, by the concert Hannah and I attended yesterday. It is a bit off brand; I like to consider myself a polite nice lady of the blogosphere. But there is really just one thing that really annoys me… And it is other people.

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Polly’s Pondering – The Roots of Happiness

This week I have been pondering happiness and where we can find it…

While out visiting my Nan on the weekend, I decided to cheer myself up with a cheeky purchase. Now that I am not obliged to read, as was the case at University, there is a whole world of literature that has opened up to me. One of the books that I bought was Fumio Sasaki’s “Goodbye, Things”, which has inspired today’s pondering… What makes us happy and is that happiness sustainable?

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