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31 December – A Review of #PollyPrepares2018

A 2018 Review
And now, the end is near, and so I face…having to film a review of it all.

The vlog/Blog Link:

I may have mentioned it once or twice…or maybe more times than that, but I have a Pinterest Board that I use to list things I would very much like, if I can find them on Pinterest that is, and if not I just retroactively add them once I do own them and can take photos… you get the general idea. What with Christmas gifts, together with a bit of an Amazon spree just before Christmas, and a trip to Ikea, I am now the owner of a number of the things on the list.

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26th December – My Christmas 2018

Xmas 2018 review

Christmas 2018

We’ve made it to the other side and it’s Boxing Day; It’s like Christmas, with less presents and less stress. Boxing Day was the day, as a child, when you finally got to play with your Christmas presents, and for non-child me, today is no different. After I return from a disappointing walk around the shops, I will sit and read the books I received for Christmas – while eyeing up my tree and wondering if it is too early to take it down. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but once the day passes and as the new year approaches, all I can think of is how much I want to get back to ‘normal’, put all the presents into their new homes and clear away the excess clutter.

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December 22nd – The Christmas Bucket List- Round-up

If you have read the Blogmas post for December 3rd  (which you can go back and look at here)  – or indeed watched the vlog ,you will know that I had a bit of a brain wave regarding an item that links to both Blogmas and the supposed theme of my vlog…Bucket Lists… And  o I wrote A Christmas Bucket List.  … And did things on it.

Dec 22nd


Polly’s Bucket List Plug

If you are a new here,  firstly- Hello!- and secondly, you may have already picked up on the fact that I have a penchant for planning, a lust for lists and an all-encompassing adoration for alliteration.  These three traits culminate in my having quite the fancy for Bucket Lists, in their many forms. If you currently don’t have one, may I recommend you check this post out…. And if you are ahead of the game and have already written one, you may want to look into possible upgrades.

If that sounds like too much effort, and you literally popped here for a quick read and can’t be bothered to go looking at other pages, all you really need to know is the ‘Polly’s Pad Rules of Bucket Lists’:
There is no pressure to complete anything on the list
You should have a few things that challenge you
Always remember that the idea is to have fun and not to be stressed out about any of the tasks.

Back to the actual post…

Here is a reminder of the list, with links and comments on how my Christmas Checklist of Challenges Has gone, so far.

  • Sip on Hot Chocolate by the Fire
  • Make a Christmas Tune Playlist –  Christmas Day is conveniently a Tuesday – So my “Tuesday Tunes” post will write itself!
  • Watch a Holiday Movie Favourite

These are Christmas Eve/Day tasks, so will definitely be getting done, but not until then.  Christmas Eve in our house involves a hot chocolate station (although we don’t technically have a fire, just an electric heater, but the general concept of warmth being emitted is the same) and our movies of choice are various versions of The Christmas Carol – with ‘The Muppets’, and Bill Murray’s ‘Scrooged’ being our favourites. 

  • Make a Wreath for Your Front Door – I am on this one guys! I am so annoyed about this! I made one at Guides last Wednesday and accidentally left it in the church hall! I may have time to have another attempt
  • Spend an Evening Wrapping Presents – more of a chore than fun, but needs doing nonetheless. Managed to talk my Mother into having the kids round for their tea last night, so while they were out of the house, I managed to get this task done  
  • Make Paper Snowflakes – this is going to be my EBI   Got this done and there are photos to prove it! 
  • Go Ice Skating – this is the most challenging one on the list as far as I am concerned! And expensive – and not done yet
  • Dressed Up and Attend a Holiday PartyHad three parties so far, and all of the photos have been…questionable.  Will make sure I get at least one decent one by the end of the year!
  • Make Your Christmas ListA Pinterest board counts, right? As it is, I think I ma be doing quite well this year!
  • Eat a Candy CaneWhile kids get told off for playing with their food, that is exactly what I do this this post!
  • Take a Family Christmas Photo – Not yet, again this will hopefully happen on Christmas Eve, if I can get everyone to keep still for long enough…
  • Leave Cookies for Father Christmas – he is also partial to a gin, as I understand it.
    This will be happening soon.  If you are a fan of cookies, maybe this board will be of interest.


As it currently stands then, I have ticked off a grand total of four out of twelve, on the understanding that at least five more will get done in the next few days.

As Christmas Day draws nearer, what have you still got left to do? Any plans to change things up next year and do something a bit differently? Let me know in the comments.


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December 21st – A Life Review

Dec 21st

There is a plan… kind of

While you would be forgiven for not actually noticing, there is a theme running through my blog -and I don’t mean Christmas, that is a December thing! The whole point of my starting the blog, and then not bothering with it, and then starting it back up again in September was to document my having moved past my ‘mid-life crisis’ phase, where I returned to college, developed a K-pop addiction and got into learning Japanese, and to make me focus on where I am now aiming; mainly towards Japan, but there are a number of steps before I can do that.

As today is the last day before I get into proper holiday mode – what with a weekend, a ‘barely there’ day on Christmas eve and then two days off, I thought I would get a bit serious… And possibly not particularly Christmassy.

Back in the day, the day being a Wednesday – 13th January 2016 if you want to be pedantic – I received, via the wonders of Amazon, my Midori Travellers Notebook, having previously joined lots of groups to find out more about Bullet Journals and the layouts that can be used in them and deciding it was the planner for me . One of the ideas that was bandied about was a ’30 things to do by thirty’ – I was too old for this and fast approaching 40, so decided to try and do 40 things by 40. One of the things on the list was to make a YouTube video, which I did- and have continued to do every Monday since. Other things were on the list, including visit Japan, and learn Japanese. Having done both of these things I made a decision that I wanted to live there – even if it was for just a year, to try it. I have been pottering away, slowly ticking things off, here and there, but I am now at a point that I realise that I will need to be more focused and actually plan out what it is I need to do – in my handy planner, of course.

I have recently watched a video in which someone discussed Warren Buffet and how he had advised someone to list the 25 things they wanted to achieve in life, and then put them in order. He then said to cross out all but the top five – you can only concentrate on so many things at one time, and once those were achieved you could work on the next thing on the list. I think I have to do this too; I need to pick a few things from my Bucket Lists that I am going to get done next year and concentrate on those. That means employing a bit of discernment, and going back over the list to make some major decisions.

What I want in 2019:

I have decided to take a few items from each of my lists ( the Kettle, the 40×40 and the Bristol List) and aim to get them done by this time next year.

Kettle List:

*Visit another European Capital
*Visit the USA
*Go on a Spa Day
*Continue to make Cranes for the 1000 Crane Task
*Start driving Lessons

40 x 40 List:

*Drive a car – will do this one by default if I am taking lessons!
*Visit some more English Counties
*Lose a stone
*Go waist deep into the sea
*Crochet a top

Crocheting my quilt

2019 – the year my top will finally get finished!

Bristol List:

*Actually go in the Arnolfini
*Find an amazing independent coffee shop
*Visit the Wild Place
*Go indoor climbing

Now that I have better defined ‘to-do’ borders, I may be able to get more things done…while also getting my house decluttered, and also continuing my Japanese learning and also upping my blog game and improving my writing, so still quite busy, just now a more focused busy. . By only trying to do a few of the things on the lists I am hoping to actually improve my chances of getting things done.

Or “二兎を追う者は一兎をも得ず”

Are you already making plans for next year? What are you hoping to achieve in 2019? How you going to get things done?

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December 19th: An Easy Christmas Craft

Dec 19th - Blogmas

You were going to make things this Christmas, weren’t you…

You had so many plans; you were going to do so much, but now it is less than a week until Christmas and you haven’t done any of it. There are the cards to write, decorations to put up, presents to wrap – that’s if you have even finished buying them. One thing you definitely don’t have time for now is crafting!

What if I told you…

…that there was a way that you can tick ‘do a craft’ off the Christmas Bucket List, sort some cool, sweet, snacks and get some decorations sorted all in one go, and in less than ten minutes?
Let me show you how.

What you will need:

This is all you will need, and chances are you have this stuff lying around the house right now.

All you need is Candy
Some scissors might also be a useful addition to this lot

*An even number of candy canes
*Sticky tape
*Aesthetic raffia, or string, or that shiny stuff you tie around presents…anything like that.

That’s it.
Now you just need to attach the long ends together with the sticky tape,as per the photo below, and then stick the ‘hooks’ together to form a heart shape. When you stick the top part together, remember to include a loop of your chosen cord.

Making christmas, Making Christmas
Making Christmas, making Christmas, Is so fine… (Wanders off to kidnap Sandy Claws…)

You can then hang these candy cane hearts on the tree, give them as gifts, used as gift tags on presents, or you could just eat them. Either way you have created something very christmassy and you should be very proud of yourself – in fact reward yourself with a swig of something seasonal and a munch on a spare candy cane (yes, that one, the one you broke while trying to stick them together the first time)

How did your candy canes go? If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, tag me in any photos you put up so I can congratulate you on a job well done. Share you link in the comments so I can come see. Maybe we should invent a hashtag? #PPTKOCandyHeart or something…