Bristol’s First Cat-cafe – a review.

It has been a long time in the making – this visit was supposed to be a Christmas present that I bought in voucher form for my Mum, Pat! – but we have finally been able to visit ‘You  & Meow’, the first cat-cafe in Bristol…And a great time was had by all.


The Plan

So the plan had been to visit the cafe before we visited Japan; to get us in the zone’.  However Pat made herself elusively busy, and then, when I finally booked up a session, she promptly fell down the stairs, injuring both her legs, thus rendering herself immobile. We then decided to wait until after the trip, during which Pat visited a ‘real’ cat-cafe, while I settled with the owl cafe (and was annoyed to not visit the penguin cafe- sob! )  Worried that the voucher had actually run out, I contacted the cafe to be told it would be fine and duly booked our afternoon tea with kittens.  The voucher we had was one of four currently available on their website . We had the ‘Cake & Drink for Two’ Voucher for £10, (the standard entry fee of £5 each is also payable, so £20 all in) and includes, as the title suggests, a tea or coffee and cake each.  This actually works out to be much better value than if you pay for entry and buy from the menu separately, so if you are planning visit the vouchers are well worth purchasing.

The Trip

Having met Pat from work, we walked to Denmark Street where the cafe is located, the cats are visible from outside and are the cutest advertisement ever. Photos, however, did require strategy, as I was trying to avoid capturing too much of the massage parlour that is hiding behind the black and white kitten lying out on the sofa!

There is soft bird song playing in the background, and the water features and art could trick you into believing you are indeed in a Japanese cat-cafe – in fact, Pat went so far as to claim that she preferred You & Meow over the one she had visited in Tokyo.  We received our coffees, resplendent with appropriately feline latte art, and a piece of coffee cake and I got to work filming and photographing our new funny, furry, friends.


Video proved a better medium as they invariably decided to run amok whenever I tried to take photos, so I have made a musical montage which you can see here.  I was a little worried that an hour wasn’t very long, but it was plenty of time to enjoy the coffee, relax with the older cats, and just generally soak up the zen vibe.

The Reflective bit

All-in-all, I would say the visit was £20 well spent, and probably a really good idea if you are stuck for a present idea for a cat/coffee/cake/likes-something-a-bit-different lover.  An hour felt more than enough for me as I don’t generally like sitting anywhere that long, but others may feel they could spend all day there.  The cafe, while it does accept walk-ins, works on a timed session basis which may mean you have to wait, so booking via the online system is probably the way forward, also, the cafe does not open until 12pm weekdays and is closed on Wednesdays, so be sure to factor that in if you are thinking of dropping by.  The cafe isn’t suitable for small children and they have a ‘no under 10 year olds’ policy. Also, if pre-booking for anyone with mobility issues, ask to seated at a table rather that at ground level in the zen area.

So would definitely recommend, and may just have my Mums, Christmas /Birthday /Mother’s Day presents for the next year or two figured out!

Have you visited an unusual cafe? Do you have any recommendations for others I could try?