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I fully appreciate that I have sacrificed an easy to navigate menu for the sake of a cheap acronym,* so I thought I would add a landing page to make your lives easier.  This particular page has all of the links for :

Blog posts about the house, decluttering, minimalism and anything remotely ‘lifestyle’ related

Choosing life: why I decided to refocus


Introduction to my Decluttering Journey 
Five Reasons to Declutter 
Five Things you can Declutter Today – Get started on the Path to Minimalism 
Why you should Declutter Alone 
Where does your Clutter go?

Money and Savings:

Tips for Saving up for your Dream Trip


Home and Lifestyle:

Forever Summer: Why you should have a house of plants

Articles about home owning, decluttering, minimalism, and anything remotely ‘lifestyle’ related – mainly clothes based at the moment, and they generally live under the ‘Everything Must Change’ Tab.

Capsule Wardrobe : Will it work for You? 

Why I DID go to the Sales



Vlogs – because if I can’t shamelessly promote my Youtube channel here, where can I promote it!

Polly’s New Home:

Polly’s Declutter Weekend :

Polly’s Still Decluttering :



*The menu spells DREAMS – I know, pretentious as, right?