Nara’s Deer Park

This weeks video is about our trip to the deer park in Nara with Yumi.  It was an amazing day, the cherry blossoms were out, it was warm… and basically made me realise that I totally want to live Japan. Not sure how much money that will take or what skills I’ll need, but seriously want to stay there for at year a full year to just absorb the culture and experience the four seasons; Yumi had nice things to say about Autumn in Kyoto, so my next trip will be in a November…albeit not for a while 😦


I loved the warning sign – in various languages! – reminding us about the dangerous deer, and my shocking inability to take selfies continues unabated.
Now I need to finish the link bits so I can carry on with the Japan videos, and then get on with Kettle List work, including a weekend away at the end of May (another coffee in my #50CoffeesIn50Cities hopefully and another county for my 40×40 completion task)  and working on my books, my health and fitness pages, working on my cranes and other crafty projects… in fact lots to do over the coming months, so I had best get on with things!