The Kettle List

Kettle list header

What is a Kettle List, I hear you ask ? *

Well, I shall tell you. Having previously set myself a 40 x 40 bucket style list, I decided that it was something I wanted to continue once I became 40, mainly because it has been fun and I enjoy making videos, but also because, I didn’t actually finish it. I put this down to being a bit too ambitious in too small a time frame…and being poor… and some same part laziness… but mostly lots and lots of poorness.

First the rules:

There is NO pressure to complete anything on this list – this may subconsciously stop me picking things I think are ‘doable’ rather than exciting or interesting!

  • Photos or it didn’t happen!
  • None of the things on the list are allowed to be illegal, if something on the list BECOMES illegal, I’m allowed to swap it out.
  • There are 5 spots on the list left, specifically for ‘Exciting Last Minute Additions’ – So if a Korean boy band calls and wants whisk me off to Jeju Island, while not currently on my list, it will totally be added!

And so, to the list:

I have divided it into sections, and were I better at formatting and creating funky content I would do little boxes and stuff…But I can’t, so a list it is, I’m afraid. The spaces mean that I haven’t thought of something to go in there just yet… but I have got 10 years, so odds are, I’ll come up with something. As each is completed, or if I do something towards it, I will add the link below.

  1. Sort out my blog , my “Polly Put the Kettle on” blog and try to make a living writing things!
  2. Finish off my 40 x 40, – still lots left!
  3. Pass my driving Test – apply for a provisional first, then book some lessons.
  4. Continue to learn Japanese -日本語があまり上手じゃないです!
  5. Learn an Instrument
  6. Dance Lessons – haven’t decide which kind yet
  7. A Masters Degree – this is kind of on hold – although I do have a PGC in Social & Cultural Theory now.
  8. Get flexible! – I have started pilates and aim to be able to touch my toes
  9. A Martial Art
  10. RUN – far, and without getting out of breath (Complete a Tough Mudder?)
  11. SWIM – see above
  12. CYCLE – see above, above…
  13. Visit 6 out of 7 continents – Maybe as it is a list of challenges I SHOULD add Antarctica…
  14. Go to Japan – I went in April 2017 and I am still working through the footage and photos!
  15. Visit South Korea and see a K-pop concert
  16. Go on an African Safari
  17. Visit Egypt/Morocco – want to do a ‘Market’
  18. Go to a rain forest in South/Central America and see sloths! My youngest, Ethan wants to do this for his 18th Birthday
  19. Stay in 5 unusual accommodations – link a treehouse, or a windmill…
  20. Stay in New York and see a Broadway Musical
  21. Visit California – See the Hollywood Sign – Stand on a Star on the Walk of Fame
  22. Go to 5 different European Capitals -That I haven’t visited already: Berlin
  23. Something Australian/New Zealandy – What is that continent called?
  24. Finally complete the Thompson Quilt
  25. Decorate a Birthday cake
  26. Hold a craft fair with stock I have made myself
  27. Complete a cross stitch
  28. Create a Mural
  29. Learn a Japanese craft – Sumi-e?
  30. Visit the ‘Gardens by the Bay’ in Singapore.
  31. Do a Zen Meditation Retreat
  32. Get a piece or article published
  33. Teach abroad.
  34. Plant a Tree
  35. Write and sing a song
  36. Visit 50 places of Worship
  37. Perform 50 Random acts of kindness
  38. Volunteer for 50 + hours ( this has been completed and I feel I need to step it up)
  39. See a sunrise and a sunset somewhere cool!
  40. Make 1,000 cranes and take them to the Hiroshima Peace Park
  41. Be happy with my house – check out ALL of the decluttering posts!
  42. Finish my novel/ non-fiction book.
  43. Complete the 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4 (National Trust)
  44. 50 coffees in 50 different cities
  45. Go Backpacking
  46. Visit 50 beaches
  47. 50 Clocks
  48. Christmas abroad.
  49. A murder mystery dinner
  50. Being saved for a special addition /an ultimate adventure

All of these are listed in my Kettle Journal – so called because I plan to grab a brew once a week and tell you all about it on my YouTube channel ‘Polly Put the Kettle on’ .

*I can’t actually hear you, don’t worry, I’m not a stalker, honestly!

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