Polly in Japan

Finally Visiting Japan

My first trip to Japan in April 2017 was, bar none, the greatest holiday I have ever been on. Even now, years later, I still haven’t completed my work through of the 800 plus photos and pieces of video footage I took (and You Tube didn’t help, killing off their easy to use editor!)

The completed videos and articles are added below, and I eventually hope to add to them, either by finally getting up to date with my editing or by visiting again and getting more pictures.

Getting there:

getting to Osaka

The Vlog:

My post on packing and getting ready for my trip can be found here, including a link to my packing video. I think the way I packed all of my clothes in to hand luggage was fairly impressive- although the ‘Heidi‘ method proved very useful!


Visiting Nara

While we flew into Kansai airport, and met Yumi in Osaka, our first days out were in her home town of Nara. It lies a train journey from both of the major tourists destinations that are Osaka and Kyoto. If you are visiting the Kansai area, Nara is certainly worth the visit. Aside from its park and wildlife, there are a number  historic shrines and buildings, as well as great shops, restaurants and even an owl cafe to make for some memorable moments on your travels.

Nara Park:

My first official ‘Japan video’ starts a Yumi’s house and follows with a trip through Nara Park to meet the shika . My blog post, with additional photos, on the Nara deer’s can be found here.

This was one of my Mum’s favourite places in Japan; she loved the idea of bowing, polite deer, courteously  asking for biscuits from you.

Nara Deer thumbnail

Nara: Tōdai-ji Complex

My trip to the Tōdai-ji complex included seeing the world’s largest bronze Buddha.  It was a great start to another of my Kettle List task: #35 -Visit 50 places of worship and afforded us some great photos.



Todai-ji thumbnail

Nara: Kōfuku-ji Complex 

kufuku-ji thumbnail

Nara: Making Ink:
making ink thumbnail

Nara: Owl Cafe

owl cafe thumbnail



Yumi works in Nara and makes the train journey to Japans 2nd largest city everyday.  It is where I hope to eventually get a job as an English teacher, if at all possible, as I understand that it is a better idea for someone less fluent in Japanese – definitely me!- to stick to the larger cities until you have gained more knowledge and skills.

While we had been able to take a small look around the place when we first arrived at Namba Parks to wait for Yumi, it was on a return visit with our expert guide that we were able to really see things

We were able to dress up at Osaka Castle and get some cool shots of Harri and I in Japanese costume, while our visit to the food market saw us try ‘Takoyaki’ – Deep fried Octopus.