Polly’s all packed and ready to go!

All packed

All of the packing is done, even my Mum Pat managed to fit everything into her bag.  This, despite her insistence that she take 10 pairs of drawers (got her down from 20!). Also, the 6 pairs of trousers seemed a little excessive to me, but then I only own one pair of jeans, and I decided not to take them with me as I was worried about the weight.  Having further investigated the ‘liquid’ situation, it appears EVERYTHING is a liquid! So, we have had to go out and buy sealable freezer bags and then share out and fit all the bottles, sprays and jars of moisturiser into it, Tetris style – as once again Pat is insisting on taking full make up.

I was going to concentrate on basics, like:

*Toothpaste, (enough for all for 2 weeks as long as people don’t go crazy)

*My moisturiser (I am notoriously allergic to almost everything when it comes to my    skin, so don’t want to risk buying it out there and then developing a rash!)

*Deodorant, (what can I say, we smell when sweaty!)

*Shampoo/conditioner – I was bought a travel size set which I will take, though would never personally pay more  money for less as a general rule, but as I have them anyway…

I went with a bar of soap for generally washing as it was solid and wouldn’t count towards my 1 litre of liquids, pretty sure they sell shower gel in Japan if I don’t get on with it, so I am not too worried!

It will interesting to see how we will all cope with the reduced baggage. Pat and Harri’s main concern was that the photos we take would appear to show them as wearing the same clothes over and over…but when at home I tend to have the same minimalist wardrobe (as any of my videos will attest!) so it is not so much of a problem for me. I have printed out all of the booklets for the air bnb’s, so I will know how to get in, use the ovens and the AC. I’ve even gone so far as to join Whatsap, so I can contact them…turns out it means I can also phone home for free… if my family remember to charge their phones that is.

In terms of keeping myself busy while on the plane, I have also printed out some Kanji in an attempt to memorise and practise them and, of course, the Bujo and pens will be coming along so I can journal the entire holiday.  The plan is to get lots of photos and videos and bore you all silly with them when I return, and also while I am there via Instagram, and then for weeks and weeks forever after until I do something else that ACTUALLY appears on my Kettle List.

The overall plan is to tick off the following on the List:

#14 – Go to Japan.
#35 – make a start on visiting 50 places of worship
#43 – make a start on my 50 coffees in 50 cities

And who knows…maybe one of the ‘spares’ if something very exciting happens.

But for now, goodbye! , I will be back before you know it… well you do know it, it will be in 2 weeks, I have literally just told you … so I shall see you then.